My SoulCalibur VI Creations Gallery “THE COMPLETE EDITION”


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UPDATE 12/12/2021

Ivy's new extra costume and she is hot than ever and the other two are my entries for the "December Design Challenge" of @SCCREATIONNEWS in Twitter. I chose two of the unused SCIII consept arts! The one is Setsuka as an elegant warrior geisha and the other is Mitsurugi as a ronin!
You can watch them full, back in the page 1 of my thread and you can watch them in my old thread here: Enjoy!

Ivy Extra Costume
Ivy Extra Costume.jpg

Setsuka the elegant warrior geisha (SCIII consept art)

Mitsurugi ronin (SCIII consept art)


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UPDATE 1/1/2022

Happy New Year my friends! I'm here, I'm back again with some new original characters. All this time that I have stopped to create and share new stuff, I wanted to create something new. so I have returned with four new characters, Rosario, Xaabsade, Empress He and Jericho! Here they are with their info and their stories, you can watch them in their full pics and their stories in the page 1 in this thread and also in the page 23 of my old thread Enjoy!

Empress He
empress he.jpg