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Beginning to think this may be her most powerful tech trap situation. Eat a 70 damage unblockable or tech into another launcher into the same mixup.


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Haha another update to what I'm discovering! If you start the unblockable and they tech you have time to cancel it and block they're punishment! Wth is this real? Someone else test this out and see if I've been testing this all correctly.

Edit: More testing has found this does not work off of BT A+B ~ A+B
They can roll to the left with ease and no fear of being hit. However 4A+B still tech traps all sides for a launch.


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That's great stuff. Needs a little practice to react to tech with G cancel but i think it could be done reliably.
And then you have a nice bait move (even late G cancel seems to be safe in this situation), or 70 possible damage.

I was thinking about knockdown situations when the opponent could easily jump a 2A+B unblockable bomb
(for example after 6AB or 3B)
Here i could do 41236bG fast as a way to fake the UB Bomb, then do A+B for aerial hit when they jump.
Although this might work better vs people who know Natsu a bit.

Was also thinking about ways to force the opponent to block or eat 4A+B after knockdowns.
I don't want my opponent to tech away from bombs, because then they can punish me.
On Block 4a+bA is safe to anyone except Alpha and maybe in the corner Natsu.
It also has Pushback.

Knockdown strings where 4a+bA is a must block would be:

3B~ 4A+B
3B~ AA6~ 4a+bA (some can roll back but Natsu is still mostly safe)
22_88B~ AA6~ 4a+bA (waste of damage probably)
11_77K~ k2~ 4a+bA
(tested VS Natsu, Ivy and Pyrrha who are good at teching, Yoshi, cause he's special)

Don't know if that's called block traps, anyway it's a nice addition to tech traps.


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After bombs including the UB 2A+B Bomb, 4A+B & 4A+B~A, it can be very tricky to avoid the 41236B UB oki trap. To avoid it the opponent only has the option to tech to one side (Natsu's left right?), any other action will result in them getting hit. I've used a bomb, then the Seal of the Fire Dragon UB, and I've rarely seen opponents avoid it. Most people know not to tech roll against Natsu and generally just lie down after any knock down.

So to avoid 41236B, they would both need to plan to tech, and correctly tech to the correct side. Choosing to tech is risky because I could simply throw out another bomb and get a launch. If they don't tech, 41236B is guaranteed. If they're still on the ground, an immediate hit will get scaled combo damage, a delayed hit will get the full 70+ damage from the UB (81 on Clean Hit). If the opponent techs to the wrong side or techs backwards, they will also take full UB damage.

As long as you don't abuse the 41236B setups, they can be quite handy for picking off opponents that don't tech regularly and just lie down. Before I started implementing that move, I started to believe that it was useless, but it's actually probably one of the better UB moves in the game compared to most people's UB's.


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Any advice for Natsu vs Seigfried MU?

Same as with any long-range-slow-powerful character. Stay in his face and keep up the pressure. Learn his stances and what he can do from each. Recognizing animations for moves is pretty important against Sieg, and make sure your punishment is on point when he does get an attack out.


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Any advice for Natsu vs Seigfried MU?

It's similar to the Nightmare MU but Sieggy has much better mix-up options to go along with his range and power. Natsu's goal is to stay close to Sieg so he can't run his shenanigans or "Stance Dance" on you very effectively. When in doubt poke the hell out of him (AAB, 3KK, 6B, etc.) and try to A:6 most stance transitions since it should beat out most options such as 3B~SCH. Anytime you see any sort of low, feel free to A+B him. Be careful with highs if Sieg likes to transition into BH.

Siegfried is most effective when he is either controlling the pace, controlling the space, has momentum or has developed an offensive rhythm. Whereas NM likes to bait for whiff punishes, Sieggy likes to try and lock you down with continuous mix-ups and stance changes/cancels. Try to lock him down yourself with your own close-range mixups and of course punish him whenever you get an opportunity to halt his momentum.


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So Asaroth Nightmare and Siegfried treat the same way aggressive styled Natsu works best?

How about Tira, Omega Pyrrha, Pyrrha and Mitsurugi? Mitsurugi seems to constantly outspace then punish me. Pyrrha's stabbing gets annoying and Tira seems just tricky atm.


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All Natsu rooms on Wi-Fi are too good lol

Lol, I got a wired connection now, and there was still lag -_-! 1A + Lag = Best low. We need more Natsu Party Rooms in the future. If any other character intrudes *coughsviolacoughs*, we gotta show them our Natsu bomb-happy welcome!

So Astaroth Nightmare and Siegfried treat the same way aggressive styled Natsu works best?

How about Tira, Omega Pyrrha, Pyrrha and Mitsurugi? Mitsurugi seems to constantly outspace then punish me. Pyrrha's stabbing gets annoying and Tira seems just tricky atm.

Natsu is actually pretty good against Nightmare if you can harass him in close range as much as possible. NM's close range combat is abysmal and he's going to spend majority of his time trying to backstep out of her face hopefully trying to setup a 3B at the same time.

Siegfried can be a bit of a nuisance due to his good mixups and free cancelling ability but you can treat the MU a bit like the Maxi MU by working in AA's or A:6 to interrupt some stance transitions. Anytime he goes for a low, A+B him. The moves to watch out for the most are 3B~SCH B and SCH K BE. Try your best to not let Sieggy get into any sort of groove.

Astaroth is an asshole plain and simple. He doesn't care about fundamentals and just wants to hit his one CH combo or 63214B launcher throw combo (try to tech the 22B BE followup) most of the time. One of the biggest issues with the Asta/Natsu MU is the difference in damage. Yes Natsu does have some highly damaging moves, but majority of her quick moves don't do a lot of damage. Good Asta players don't care about the damage they sustain from pokes or tick lows as long as they can hit their throws or CH combos. Unlike almost every other character on the cast, it's actually in your favour to duck against Asta regularly. However, take heed of when he uses the 66K & 66K BE bullrushes. Just like in the NM MU, Asta can't punish for shit and instead reduces everything to annoying as hell 50/50's (same reason why I hate Mitsu with a passion, except Mitsu can actually punish on top of that!). Try to break throws as much as possible in the Asta MU. Prioritize B throws but also beware of the 63214A BE throw that can reverse RO. Be careful when you backstep Asta because his 6B (or AB I think) can lead to his nasty combos. Though, there is very little reason to backstep Asta with Natsu anyway. Get in close and pressure as much as possible. Asta is a slow-ass that relies on 6K, 66K and throws from advantage to try to turn the tables on fast characters. Put this ogre in his place!

Also for most long-range opponents, feel free to whore out 66K since these characters don't tend to have the most threatening block punishment.

I hate fighting Pyrrha. She's an annoying twit that's sole existence is to be a pain in the ass to about 90% of the roster. Natsu is no exception. Pyrrha's close range pokes can be extremely irritating due to their spammability, effectiveness and advantages on hit. Fighting Pyrrha in close isn't fun. I also got a tip from my SC mentor that it's in your best interest to stay out of Pyrrha's 1K and throw range as much as you can to nullify most of her mix-up game. Naturally the most dangerous aspect of this MU is how well Pyrrha can punish you. I think she's the only character that can punish A+B with a bloody BB! Any move that is -14 or worse on block you have to use with extreme caution because good Pyrrha's can usually do 236B:4 on a whim for nasty damage. I usually try to approach this MU by trying to zone Pyrrha and try to bait her to throw something out like a 66A or 66K (wishful thinking I know). At mid range, you can use 6B, 66B or 6A+B4 against Pyrrha along with 66AB & A+B for step catching. If anyone actually has had any fun with this MU please let me know!

Pyrrha Omega is about the same but can punish you even worse and loves to harass your guard guage with bullshit like 66B. However, Omega's pokes aren't as good as Pyrrha's so it's usually easier to pressure her.

I can't really say much for Mitsu except punish 2KB, 2KB BE, 3B, 1A and 66BB EVERYTIME you block it. Hell, you can actually punish 2KB even if it hits you! By & large you should stay close to Mitsu so you can 66K any 4B attempts, but try to stay just outside 2KB range. The low kick has really short range. If Mitsu reduces the match to a poking contest, remember that Natsu is faster than him (though Mitsu's range is fairly longer on some moves though).

Tira is a bitch. Her pokes annoy the hell out of me. When you get in close, that's all she does to you until you back off or die. However, if you stay slightly outside her poke range, the MU can be quite manageable. Try to interrupt or discourage any attempts to change to Gloomy Stance (I.e. don't let her taunt you), because Gloomy is EXTREMELY dangerous. If Tira was in Gloomy 24/7, she'd be the best character in the game. Try to get as much damage as you can when Tira is in Jolly Stance and try to bait 66AA's so that you can punish that shit. If Tira is in Gloomy, please don't get hit by 3B. It stings like a bitch (it TC's too so watch dem highs). GS 66B BE is also brutal. I recommend trying to zone Tira a bit and try to maximize damage when in Jolly. Also, GS 66A is a high, but JS 66AA is mid.

I'm surprised you didn't bring up Viola. That bitch frustrates me to no end, to the point that I've picked up Nightmare to harass her.


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Finally got an answer haha gonna read it now and yeah we should definitely do more Natsu rooms good practice.

Insightful reading that was ^___^ thanks a lot Force_of_Nature!

I don't have trouble with Violas surprisingly...