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By Malice on Mar 29, 2012 at 9:34 AM
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    iPlayWinner has uploaded to their YouTube channel the top 8 matches from NorCal Regionals for Soulcalibur V, which was one of the hypest finals that I've seen so far for this game.

    If you happened to miss the live broadcast, you can find the videos in this playlist, and the videos for finals embedded after the break.

    SCV: Alex J vs NoFaceKiller - Winners Finals - NCRX Top 8

    SCV: NoFaceKiller vs Xephukai - Losers Finals - NCRX Top 8

    SCV: Alex J vs NoFaceKiller - Grand Finals - NCRX Top 8

    Video Playlist
    NorCal Regionals
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Malice, Mar 29, 2012.

    1. Malice
      Shoutout to all of the placers, to iPlayWinner for putting on an amazing stream, and to Aris for killing it on the commentary.
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    2. Slade
      These grand finals were so godlike. The quality of play at NCR wasn't as good as at MLG, but the tournament itself was so much more hype.
    3. TagYouRPregnant
      Loved this tournament! Was so damn hyped!
      GG's to everyone, especially Alex, for putting a good show. :P
    4. Afrofrog
      Lmao Alex is so funny. He probably would've won if someone kept NFK from using headphones to block out the noise.
    5. UnseenWombat
      I personally think he was a real dick. Why not just reach over and hit NFK's buttons, flick his ears, pull his hand off of the stick? I'm not saying that Alex is a bad player by any means, but if your skills IN THE GAME are so lacking that you have to resort to distracting your opponent physically sitting next to you, you don't deserve to win.

      I'm no TO, but there really should be a rule that you have to remain quiet and respectful during your match. If he would have grabbed NFK's controller and flung it into the crowd then rung him out while he went to go get it, he'd have been disqualified. I think verbally assaulting your opponent should be in the same category.

      And the best hype came not from Alex strutting around the stage like a retarded rooster, but from NFK WTFPWNing his ass in the final sets. I almost cried when he wouldn't let Alex ring himself out after utterly thrashing him.
    6. Uber1337
      Getting in your opponents head is legit. You gotta remember, you're playing the player, not just their character. You don't think this happens in every other sport (or eSport, lol)? NFK has likely improved as a player as a result of this. He knows how to handle this type of thing now. I'm gonna laugh if the other players at the 8 man tourney in Vegas try to take a page out of Alex's book when fighting NFK. Although, not that many people really have the ability to trash talk like Alex.
    7. soakrates
      Shit talk is everywhere. Pro sports, politics, fighting games, you name it. If your nerves aren't strong enough to keep from letting it get to you, you probably couldn't perform at the highest level anyway. What about all the people in the crowd yelling at Alex? Should they be required to shut up as well? Should we start blaming Alex's losses on them instead? Of course not, because that would be silly.

      People seem to forget that NFK also switched characters for the finals, and Alex clearly wasn't as familiar with the NM matchup as he should have been. That, combined with NFK's overall solid play, cost Alex far more than the removal of any shit-talk advantage.
    8. UnseenWombat
      I have to disagree. I'm not saying that shit talk doesn't happen here or in other kinds of competitions. But there used to be a thing called sportsmanship. See how NFK shook Alex's hand after winning even though he acted like a total prick the whole match? That's good sportsmanship. Yelling in the face of your opponent so that he can't concentrate on what he's doing, that's bad sportsmanship.

      And people in any crowd are going to act like assholes. The fact that it's a crowd increases the chances you'll have someone like AlexJ in there somewhere to the point it's almost inevitable. But for the actual competitors to be total assholes, IMO is just unacceptable.

      It's just like Aris's sexual harrassment. No one says it doesn't happen, in gaming and everywhere else, but that doesn't mean it's right.
    9. Sora
      Coming from someone who was right there, I have to say that this is an overexaggeration. Alex may have been popping off, but from our seats, he was mostly just flamboyantly flailing his arms around whenever he landed Xiba CE. That's tantamount to slamming on your stick when you make an epic comeback -- it's not frowned upon at all.

      The 'line' that was almost crossed I would say was when Alex was staring NFK down and almost got in the way of his eyesight. That would've been borderline DQ if Alex had pushed it any further. But honestly, Alex wasn't really saying much except 'you're going down' and 'I'm taking this'. Hardly something to be alarmed about, IMO.
    10. UnseenWombat
      Sorry if I misinterpreted what I saw on the vid. The way Aris made it sound was like he was deliberately trying to distract NFK.
    11. Sora
      Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm pretty sure Alex's actions DID distract NFK -- only that it was a by-product of Alex just feeling himself right there, rather than Alex trying to directly and unfairly affect NFK's performance. Pretty similar to how you would feel if your opponent taunted mid-match. Haha.
    12. Mandy
      I know I'm not a tournament calibur player or anything, but it looks like Alex J played the finals like trash if you ask me.

      All the throws he ate?

      Random CE?

      Continually using 3BKK and getting punished?

      Just seems like any half-decent player wouldn't do those things. Maybe it was all the hype going to his head.
    13. Dr. Hates
      Dr. Hates
      That's the way SCV 1.02 is played. =/
    14. ElricOfGrans
      Personally, I hated Alex J's antics. Sure, sledging is a standard in any sport and gave him a clear psychological advantage, but as a viewer I wanted to punch him. In the hypothetical situation where I had to play him, I would rather forfeit than put up with that crap. Then again, my sporting background is umpiring local cricket, where ungentlemanly behaviour is punishable; I never got into the whole American sports thing of razzmatazz and being an arsehole.
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    15. Afrofrog
      My take on it is that sports is a physical and a mental thing. So you can test people's physical and mental states. It may well be just different in the states, but off the top of my head some basketball greats were known for trash-talking. Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Kobe Bryant. Not that trash-talking is something to be embraced, but it's a part of the game and the only person who can let it get to you, is you. I think Alex J's behavior was within the limits, the limit being touching or being in the way of his eyesight on the screen. Or just spouting plain vulgar speech towards the player, which Alex J never did.
    16. soakrates
      Sportsmanship? Spare me. Tournaments aren't contests to see who the better "sportsman" is. They're contests of skill and mental endurance, and good shit talk is a great way to gain the mental advantage. It's not necessarily easy, either. You have to know which buttons to push, and like a lot of other strategies, it's a calculated risk that can backfire spectacularly.
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    17. Srayer
      It's disappointing that so many people are okay with bad sportsmanship and showing a total lack of respect for fellow players. Within the rules or not, if you are shit talking your opponent during the match, then you are acting like a jerk, plain and simple. Go ahead with your mental gymnastics and recast it as some kind of meta-mindgame; you're still a jerk.

      I have nothing against Alex J. I like him just fine, and in general I think he's a pretty funny guy. But to act like that during a match is totally classless and disrespectful. Major props to NFK for still treating his opponent with respect even though he was not shown any. He prevailed by letting his game do the talking, like a true champion should.
    18. Afrofrog
      Ah, but that's the thing isn't it. His behavior was within the rules. I can agree that people can view him as a jerk or simply just a competitor. But that's just our opinions, and it doesn't really matter.
    19. Xeph
      This is the competitive scene; anyone who gets booty tickled over a little shit talkin', should stay online where they can rage in solitude at the comfort of their couch.

      Back to the point;
      Great games, glad Malice posted this. Hope everyone enjoyed the stream (from what I'm hearing, they did.)

      There's a lot of factors when you're competing for money/playing in tournaments. What you may not understand may seem like "trash play" which is understandable. The only answer to your statement is go compete offline, and indulge in high level play.
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