NEC19 Donation Drive to get Kura in attendance!

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NEC 19 will be held in King of Prussia, PA, December 14-16th. As of right now, we have representatives from Singapore, France and Mexico confirmed. As well as America's best, and possibly Canadian representatives!

Now we're trying to pull in the money to help Kura (The top Korean competitor) to NEC! He's already received a bit of help, and promotes a donation goal to get to NEC himself via his twitch:
. The current fuinding goal is 1,600$ That was stated as the price for his air flight. Any help would be appreciated.

Here's his paypal email!

and for donations, you can go here to his streamlabs tips!

For a brief explanation of who Kura is, for years he's been considered "a legend" amongst many SC players. He's steadily been the top dog in Korea, and even recently won the first SCVI CONG Tournament which can be found here!

Also, if you haven't seen him, he's been active streaming SCVI on his twitch. Here's an amazing clip from him!

Kura has stated he "Thanks the NA Players" in advance for any help!​
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Sean Ruben

Sean Ruben

Hello, 8wayrun guys i'm Kura!!
First of all, I want to thank many people who helped me.
However, as I suddenly prepared for this NEC performance, I was very short of time and didn't prepare enough money.
So I don't think I'll be able to participate in this honorable NEC tournament.
I will use your donations to participate in the EVO Tournament Tournament next year.
I'd like to say that I'm sorry and thank you again for your efforts.
I love you all 8wayruns!!

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