New And Looking For Good Players


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Hello people. Back when soul calibur 5 came out i can tell a lot more people played this game. but now i guess scv have died down a little. I know cause i play everyday online. I really like playing with good players, even if i lose i still like a challenge and thats what im looking for. This is my game and the only video game i play over and over again. I want to find some good players, and also i want to find out who still plays this game. im looking for decent and really good players. Right now my current GT is GRISEQ and i play on xbox 360.Anyone that would like to fight me u can add me. I only play one character and that is cervantes.

Crash X

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Hello there. If you wish to seek out players on XBL check out the discord server. I myself still play SCV and my GT is listed under my account.
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