Nightmare Movelist Changes for SCV

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All comparisons are to SC4 Nightmare. This list will be updated as new information becomes available. Please post here to discuss changes and I will add to this post when I can.

New attacks:
WR A - high claw swipe with attack throw
44A - horizontal mid with knockdown on hit
WR K - mid headbutt, looks like last hit of Sieg's 3KKB from previous games
CE - downward slash, has auto GI against high/mid/low. He will automatically full charge it and release for high damage. If it auto-GIs a jumping attack the CE will hit and a groundstun will occur which gives free 3B. It has advantage on guard but can be stepped. Can be performed from GS, but not from transitions

BE moves:
4K BE - adds a stab (looks like old 6B) with JF followup stab. the string is mid, high, mid, mid. this is also a NC
GS K BE - adds an attack throw that looks like new WS A. can combo from it
33B6 BE - adds an uppercut slash
2B+K BE - adds guard break property and tremor effect that hits low and guarantees 3B

Input changes:
old aB is now 6B
old WS AA is now 22AA
old 1B is now 44B
old 44BB is now 4BB
old 3A+B is now 1B
old 4B is now 4A+B

Move changes (using the input changes noted above):
6K - clean hit property
66K - normal hit now has the same effect as counterhit
4KK - has BE version
GS K- GS KK seems to be gone but can BE
66A6 - new GS from 66A
FC A - now is like standing 2A animation
4A - no longer has guard break property
6B - stuns on counterhit, combos to NSS K if 6(B) is used
BB - appears to replace old BBB. not NC
3B - far CH causes knockdown stun now, maybe free ground hit or tech trap possible. clean hit property. very high damage on ground hit now up close
33B6 - can BE for a new uppercut followup
4BB - first hit stuns and second hit launches. on ground hit the 2nd hit will not stun
44B - stun on normal hit
22B - clean hit property
A+B - clean hit property, higher damage tolerance
2A+B - clean hit property
4A+B - unblockable
2B+K - normal 2B+K has no guard break property
GS B - launch on normal hit
GS - TCs later in the animation than previously

Lost Moves (old SC4 commands listed):
GS (B)

General/other changes:
- attack range appears to be decreased overall, notably on agA and 33B
- soul charge ability removed
- overall damage buff
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