On the 360, my character always tends to jump allot. Why?


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I decided to play SC4 again, on the 360 and forgot that I had this issue during gameplay. When ever I input a specific attack move, my character tends to jump allot. And I don't know why. It caused me to lose matches like crazy because I never wanted my character to jump in the first place. Is that a 360 issue, or some sort of gaming glitch? I was never able to figure out the problem. All I know is that I am able to input my moves just fine with my PS3 version, but that stupid console no longer wants to work anymore, so I'm switching to Xbox from now on. Only thing is, the jumping issue. What is up with that?

You know that input button to make your character jump up with the press of the direction button? This keeps happening for several inputs of a specific attack. Like when I want to move forward with an attack, my character just jumps up instead. This drives me crazy, and I don't know how to fix this. I checked the controller setting and it seems to be in order, so I don't know what else to do to fix this. This is with every 360 console I've played with.
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Hitting too far upward when pressing forward maybe? (2369 instead of 236) I'm on 360 and I know I've done that plenty of times with my stick. Or just try a different controller, maybe there is something wrong with the analog on that one.


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That six button Madcats Dreamcast controller was worse, but that's not saying much.

Both have a similar issue with the d-pad not registering directions correctly. You hit 6, you may get 9 or 3 virtually randomly because they made a mushy piece of garbage that doesn't allow precision inputs.

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I probably use the d-pad for the 360 controller like 1% of the time that I use the control stick! xD But some Xbox360 D-pads like the Gears of War limited edition feature the ability to twist the d-pad so the buttons pop out more and it does actually make them feel better!

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From personal experience, Rock Candy controllers have a great D-Pad but the buttons on them suck. You litterally have to speed input you moves. Now I haven't had issues with my character jumping back when I played SC IV a lot back in the day, and it was on the 360.