Other Tira players


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Ok ive been playing Tira for a while now and still i dont see many Tira players so i would like anyone who has xbox live that plays Tira to hit me up i would like to play more Tira's my gt is chaosghost6 ill be getting my ps3 fixxed and will be on that soon to so hit me up so we can play


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A Jersey Tira? Interesting. Tidus, Mikosu, and Akazukinchacha all subject themselves to the masochism of playing that bitch.


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I'll play you.

I just picked her up again (after putting her down for a bit) and could use some mirror matches.


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im not new here.im from Calibur forum.
i dont even know if i have ever post here.

I play my beloved Tira from SCIII.she is my main character in Soul Calibur and i play only her(just like Tidus :)).actually she is my favourite character from all the games until now.anaway.i always watch your conversation in Tira's threads but im so lazy to write something.lol
if i see something to mention or discuss i will write also.


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Mirror matches?

Hello im new to the forum but i'd really like to play some other tiras in some mirror matches.
Feel free to send me a friend request or game invite :).


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I, personally, have grown to like mirror matches.

Mirror match = game of chess

Both players are presented with the exact same tools. Therefore, the playing field is completely even and skill/knowledge are the absolute deciding factor.


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Mirror matches are very fun lol the 1st person to mess up usually loses and makes the match so fun but thats just me lol


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this is the first time I've posted here also, I usually just read around and see if there's anything new. I've been told I'm pretty decent Tira player, I'm up for matches any time. XL- Dogg201xGTx


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I play Tira, I ain't very good as her though. Xbox live is SoulOfTira if you want to add me just message me so I know who you are


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i play tira but i havent used her in a while though but i can play a good sets and Ivy my xboxlive is CLEEDEZY.