Patroklos' 10 best moves


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2A-Throw has been a staple of mine since sc2. Its legit, if a bit dated. Sides, with what this man can do, people are too damn afraid to hit a button. I wish Pat yelled "Justice in ya face!" whenever he did 66B.

Regarding 2K....I do approve of its use, I just put it in the "Moves you know you should be using, therefore need no mentioning as to its applications" section such as throws/2ks, etc. I dont use it as much as I need to, but 2k does get used.

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2K over 1K?

... Well, I suppose the frame data agrees with you... maybe you could use them both, and hope they don't catch on about 1K's hidden advantage.

I guess I should start using it, thanks.
1K is beast mode, but 2K is also a really good move. Unfortunately, 1K is in the game so 2K is really phased out.

I just find it funny that 2K is basically a shoto crouching forward, haha.


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I don't see why 6BBB hasn't been mentioned yet. NCc, hit-confirmable, and KNDs.
I think there's more than a reason. Sure it is a good move, but it presents some problems:
1) range. You can try fishing ch just at 0 range. After 1k for example If u 6b from certain distance even you are +2 you whiff
2) you can hcc between 2nd and 3rd hit, in a very easy way, but what about between 1st and 2nd? Remember 2nd is a high!
3)If you ch a low or other kinds of move where opponent crush highs(aeon 66k for example) altough you ch them, 2nd and 3rd hit will miss, allowing them to punish your ch succesful attempt.

So it is not like dragunov 121 dear cosmic :P
Anyway my list(I'm sure it will change in future):
66b- mid safe launcher, i use it to whiff punish during step too. Excellent move, altough linear.
1k- low with decent range and plus on hit. On block since I'm new to the game i don't know how BAD it is, i just noticed that nm launch me :/. But it's a low that maje the opponent duck, so it means that it works
3a-antistep mid, i think i,ll use it less when people will start tu punish it
2k- fast and crush low, great tool 4 poking or as round finisher
2a- altough short range, this move is fast and tracks, Being able to close opponent game
3b- pretty long range launcher,18f punisher, decent damage
b+k(but that's not safe, pyrra punish it with bb, so i think every1 can ce punish it, If ce allows it)


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Ahahah I'm a Tekken roger player :P
I use dragunov too so sometimes i watch his threads on zaibatsu
Ghirlanda from italy, Blackpriest knows me very well ^^
But it's better to remain in topic i think ^^


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Fair enough, I suppose. I shall continue to use it until I am killed for it then. Sigh.
I abuse 6BBB way too much.

Way, way, too much.

This online is ruining me. Not because of lag tactics (yay netcode!) but because people aren't punishing me for the stupid %^&* I do every day.

I wish [A+B] wasn't so damn high.


[08] Mercenary
it's delayable but you cannot hcc between 1st and second if delay, it'll not combo if i'm right. anyway that move really ruins a pat player imho, it's an illusion move damn, tricky for the executor not for the defender. 2nd hit can be stepped also, not just duck'd. damn.
online ruins becuase of players medium level, that is hella low(i'm not good for sure but i think that this can be said, seems to me no one of player i met online play trying to wait block and punish, it's just a continuous rush).


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real talk. real talk

6B is relatively safe by itself (thank god) so it's just mindgames at that point really


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In the japanese guide they list 10 moves.
It's start with 5 "main" moves

Launcher : 3B
Anti step : 236 AB
Vertical attack : 6BBB
8 way run technique : 66 or 33 or 99 K
Low technique : 1K

After that the guide list 5 others "ok" moves

236 B
WS KA (not sure)
66 B+G


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As far as SS happy foes, what moves do you guys favor? I already asked in the Q&A thread but it'd be nice to get some responses here too.


[11] Champion
Depends on how they sidestep.

But effective step killers are, 3A, 44A, AA, 66A, 66K, 22A and 4K. 22A only use the first hit since you can hitconfirm the second. Though you can use the second hit on peope who are ignorant of the matchup. Also a very useful move to fish for wallsplats and ringouts.


[10] Knight
well everyone said the moves i would say but people forgetting the infamous 236K (after combos or Crumple CH). The meter gain and oki... omg... XD