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Do you want to see tiras SC3 spin stances to return in SCV?(they could be improved)

  1. Yes,i want both of them back!

  2. Just Hovering Lark please!

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  3. Just Rumbling Robin

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  4. No i like her the way she is

  5. I'd rather see some new stance or stances added to her game

  1. Violent Vodka

    Violent Vodka Pick Your Poison

    I think the unblockables should stay, but if you were to 8wayrun, it would reset the charge up for the move to become unblockable.

    It would be funny to have a lung-type grab and have Jolly pull their hair, bite them, scratch, kick, etc. while gaining small HP per hit, like HP Drain C-?. And have Gloomy... do something gruesome. Like her B+K GI grab.
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  2. Fuzzieviking

    Fuzzieviking [13] Hero

    this should be posted on daishi's twitter along with the other poll thread.
  3. Violent Vodka

    Violent Vodka Pick Your Poison

    How about we all bomb him with the links!? >:D
  4. kerrod123

    kerrod123 [10] Knight

    ok yeah,i did this yesterday btw,both vote threads and the wishlist a few days before
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  5. sheppard

    sheppard [09] Warrior

    They could actually come here and talk with us for a better Tira. That would be great. But Daishi is rarely talking through twitter. I remember he said he is using a transtlator for understand and talk english, also he said that he can't find his way in 8wayrun.com.
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  6. kerrod123

    kerrod123 [10] Knight

    well i sent the wishlist to filthierich the other day and he responded!he said that the teams look on here quite a bit,so the teams could talk to us about it,because to be honest with daishi you dont know whether he is looking or not whether its because hes too busy or whatever

    edit: i mean all respect to him,but he just might not pay any atytention to our ideas,you never know
    we could be better off trying to send it to someone else if possible,ill ask filthierich about it,see if he responds
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  7. sheppard

    sheppard [09] Warrior

    Nice! Ok even if he is busy he will read our thoughts. Tira will be awesome in SCV I'm sure of it!
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  8. Tirasoul

    Tirasoul [08] Mercenary

    Like i said to a previous thread i love Tira from SCIII.And my wish is to come back to these days in SCV.
    So ofcourse i want her 2 stances back and improved.And ofcourse i want a third also.
    My suggestion for a stance will be her 4A+B from SCIV both in Gloomy and Jolly moods.
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  9. sarriana

    sarriana [05] Battler

    It would be nice to get em back but its not gonna happen. As far as i can tell they are simplifying chars by removing stances (mitsurugi, ivy's) for example. It would be odd to give tira suddenly MORE stances.
  10. Tirasoul

    Tirasoul [08] Mercenary

    Yes its true sadly.They trying to make the game more 2D than 3D.That's the reason i think!But we can still hope!
  11. sarriana

    sarriana [05] Battler

    Off course mayb if u spam the twitter account alot they get sick of it and just put it in so they wont get spammed anymore :P
  12. WARUI_NE

    WARUI_NE Prettier than you

    but they sucked...
  13. microgamer

    microgamer [10] Knight

    Having stances in general helps vary up the gameplay. Being able to 8wr while in the spinning stances would be cool, but if I'm not mistaken, real physics won't make sense if she could, at least in hovering lark she'd be able to move closer or away from the opponent, but it's impossible to keep the hoop spinning in that angle while sidestepping, otherwise the hoop will go off her arm, or move up her arm to her shoulder (depending on which way you were going.
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  14. ShadowZone

    ShadowZone [10] Knight

    Return them both! And maybe add some auto Guard Impact properties to the stances, like with Siegfried's Base Hold.
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  15. blakkmajic

    blakkmajic [05] Battler

    all right..i'm a relatively new tira player..and didn't play w/ her in 3. so can someone describe her stances or a vid link?..it'd be greatly appreciated!
  16. kerrod123

    kerrod123 [10] Knight

    well her SC3 spin stances are-pretty much says it in the name,they were stances where she would spin her ringblade around,the more she spun it it would turn the A or B move to a guard break for one stance or unblockable for the other
    which would take 2 or 3 spins and it wasnt as slow as you might think,3 spins which was max you needed to wait would probably be about 2 and a half seconds,could be less

    there were also useful options without waiting though like her standing spin stance,had a stun set on B move uncharged or charged version,and also a stun on the move to go into the stance which could be immediatly followed up by her current JS K after running a long distance,which ofcourse that move in the stance was a quick good low move too

    and the moves inside the stance or just the enter stance move could be used during a combo too
    so you may get people saying otherwise but i think they were really useful.

    the low spin stance didnt seem as good but had it uses,its K was a low poke that coukd keep you in stance if held in K,however it reset her spin charge as a downside,if they return they should let it keep the charge or decrease it a bit/slow it down or something,it would be good for pressure

    its B move was a two hit launch and could be followed up with (SC4) JS 2A+B and the A move stunned,as a little bonus thought the low stance dodged highs,but wasnt really enough to make up for its lack compared to the other
    the low spin stance was the one that had the 2 GB's on few spins not UB's

    if they were to return they would have to be made both useful and better,another thing they were good for though is that its another iconic thing to her and her weapon that they removed they really suited her,apart from them been another good thing they got rid off

    oh! and i think her SC4 GS 44444B was in one of them,not too sure bout that,cant remember

    you may not have read all that but,i can try and find a video,not too sure if i could but they might be on a SC3 tira movelist vid or something
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  17. blakkmajic

    blakkmajic [05] Battler

    sounds dope! sounds a lot easier to mix-up w/ her.. yea i seen a vid when she was crouching spinning her blade it actually looks intimidating to an extent. ya they should work some of her sc3 things into the next one. for sure
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  18. Chrysis01

    Chrysis01 [05] Battler

    From what I've seen from the newly revealed characters, Namco tend to remove stances from the game. I believe there is no chance to see tira's stances back.
  19. acefrost

    acefrost [10] Knight

    AceFrost xx
    ^ I hope this is not the case.
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  20. Synraii

    Synraii [14] Master

    Just to clarify as I deal in notation, not move names - Rumbling Robin? I thought it was Rising Raven??

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