poll:SCV tira spin stances

Do you want to see tiras SC3 spin stances to return in SCV?(they could be improved)

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They would've been cool.. But she really doesn't need them anymore. At first, it seemed dire that she get them. But now, she'll be fine without 'em..
nah she doesnt really need them, but i think she needs more options,not all that many people know tira but when thye do she can just be read like a book,she needs more options to be able to mix things up more and be less predictable,the stances would really help with this
if she just had more delays or something it could help,but probably woudnt make enough difference


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You can't based only with guessing when you have limited choices.
A stance will be great.Even one new.See Nightmare with his stances.
How effective could be only with one stance.
Evade properties, punish, pressing game etc.
Imagine Tira with a stance not the same but similar to this.
Also remember Ivy's stances from SCII. Advance on block to some moves, mix ups and damage.
Stances are made for this game.They are handy and characters gain a lot of properties.