PS4 and the future of the Soul Calibur Series

Discussion in 'Soulcalibur CASUAL' started by MIZIEYA, Feb 21, 2013.

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    MIZIEYA Soul Of Taki

    In the light of the news that Sony has finally announced the birth of its new Love Child... makes me wonder if Namco will release a SC6- as everyone hopes.

    If they are- this might explain why DLC was unexpectedly stopped.

    For those of you who think SCV sales have justified a SC6- perhaps needs to bear in mind- that SCV might be the last in the series regardless of sales; and even though Project Soul have stated they hope to see a continuation of the Game.. might have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

    It's also been announced that PS4 won't support PS3 games. Thusly for those of us who solely bought a Sony Console - purely for a Soul Calibur game- might mean that our purses don't expend until we find out whether or not a SC6 is actualised on the new PS4.

    Please be rest assured that when I say 'we' I'm actually referring to myself. Although I like Tekken notably Tekken Tag and its sequel- I seldom actually play it and this time around I only bought it for Kunimitsu. So buying a new console imo might not be worth my while if games I like aren't available.

    On the other hand.... if Project Soul does make a new SC game - I'm not sure I want to end up with a SCV effort. Love the creation elements but seriously peeved about move-sets, familiar and favourite characters cut and so forth and so on.

    And I also don't want my hopes dashed - that SC6 will be truly better than its predecessor. Hopefully Harada will keep us informed regarding new developments of Soul Calibur 6..

    All that aside.

    Clearly having a new Gaming Console from Sony means exciting times. And the future of the Soul Calibur Series has us clenching our buttocks in anticipation.

    What are your views?
    Tell me your story.

    Happy Orgasms one and all!
  2. Calibur Bladez

    Calibur Bladez [02] Apprentice

    Very interesting topic dude!

    Well what I have to add is I'm glad Sony is moving in this direction, although the only thing that sucks about having more realistic features in games is that it costs more. So that means the games will be higher budget and require more sales to justify the development costs. Lately game sales have been at a low, whereas before the recession of 2008, game sales were about 38% higher for console and PC games!

    After all this Killzone hype and PS4 stuff, I am really wondering how Nintendo is even alive anymore? I know their DS hand-held devices keep them a float, but I doubt their market value is going to do anything other than plummet like last year.
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  3. Norik

    Norik [14] Master

    Dark Khill
    I just hope all three consoles get an equal shot, even if the WiiU version must be scaled down graphically.
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  4. CynicalEffect

    CynicalEffect [02] Apprentice

    Well, for a start they actually sell their consoles at a profit unlike sony/microsoft...

    But to get back on topic. I see no reason why they wouldn't make a sequel. When making a sequel to a fighter, a lot of the work is already done for you, almost all the concept art/basic movesets are already created for characters. I mean, I'm not saying it's no work for them to do, but it's substantially less than starting from scratch and therefore it's easier to justify sequels, as long as there is a demand for them..which I believe there is with SC.
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    TwistedAsura The Wanderer

    I think when all of the next gen consoles are out we will get a sequel. So maybe a year or so down the road :)
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  5. ChaosK

    ChaosK [13] Hero

    They actually announced that you CAN play PS3, PS2 and PS1 games on PS4, using that new Gaikai technology.
  6. WindupSkeleton

    WindupSkeleton [14] Master

    The game is BARELY a year old. They stopped making DLC because they were done with DLC. It was all cosmetic stuff for a casual market, and didn't really add anything to the game.

    As for the future of the series, a lot of people argue that "oh, I don't want it to be like V, V cut my favourite character crycrycry".

    I want it to be almost EXACTLY like V. It's (mostly) well balanced, it's far easier to pick up and play, and yet also retains the depth that made it so enjoyable. The movesets have just had the fat trimmed to develop a more streamlined experience.

    Since there's a new Captain aboard the Soul Calibur Galleon, think of V as a restart to the series - I imagine if there is a VI, or even a SCV.v, that'll be more of the same stable engine, with all the content people've been yearning for, not that they're entitled to it.

    Frankly, with the amount of whinging about this game, which was a solid installing despite production times being drastically cut, I'd be surprised is P.S didn't just decide "fuck you, you mourngy babies."
  7. jtdam09

    jtdam09 [13] Hero

    Daishi is pretty level headed from what I've seen. Tago being the energetic one.

    Harada is like the opposite of that. Just as arrogant as can be, but he sure knows how to speak his mind when he needs to.

    I'm sure Daishi will be this way once the SC series continues, which I'm sure it will continue. With the state of SCV (based on sales, and good tournament feedback), and with how much Namco was able to handle timeskips with Tekken, there's no doubt that the series is going to continue and become better as it progresses. Even with characters not being "canonically" included. Emphasis on the word canonically because PS might make a non-canon game one day.

    Cutting characters wasn't such a big deal about this game, especially coming from most reviewers. Most just stated that the characters were replaced, said that they "felt refreshing", and just left it at that. Single Player content was what they criticized, however. Even Angry Joe stated that.
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  8. I live in a poor European country. I'm not intending to buy a new console every two years unfortunately.
    Maybe in another five years. I'll be playing SC5 for an extended period of time :)
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  9. Frayhua

    Frayhua [14] Master

    What about physical copies?

    It's going to get better with Patroklos having the worse whiffing issues that can never be fixed and for him to have the worse damage output period.
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    MIZIEYA Soul Of Taki

    Can you provide the source for this and is it solely related to PS+ subscription? Because frankly- I don't want to pay a yearly subscription fee on a PS + scheme.

    But thanks for the input.
  11. IdleMind


    Alarmism should really be an infractable offense on this board. Seriously.
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  12. ChaosK

    ChaosK [13] Hero

    It was mentioned in the live stream of yesterdays Playstation Meeting 2013. So far it has nothing to do with being PS+
  13. Frayhua

    Frayhua [14] Master

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    MIZIEYA Soul Of Taki

  15. WindupSkeleton

    WindupSkeleton [14] Master

    I imagine Daishi is relatively humbled by the whole thing, I mean, he's been working on Soul Calibur for years, and then suddenly his character was added, and now he's the boss. I imagine there's still some happy humility left in him. Or at least I'd hope so.

    I've not seen much of Harrada, though I recall an outburst he made, something about character's voices and not being able to re-use the older ones and stuff. To be honest it sounds like he was just ground down to breaking point, but he still seemed to be being polite about it, so I can't really comment there. Though Quick Battle makes me bias against him, silly as that is.

    I feel as though the series will be more story driven than before, and some of those missing characters were left out intentionally for story reasons, so that they might return with a bit more impact. After all, there WAS a 17 year timeskip, so I guess it makes more sense that some characters would be missing. As for non-cannon games, Broken Destiny and Legends spring to mind. Though thankfully I never played the latter.

    MIZIEYA Soul Of Taki

    As far as why Sony isn't keen on putting new games on the cloud, it's speculated that this is because cloud gaming services like Gaikai and OnLive can't yet reliably deliver more than 720p resolution - and even that requires a pretty good internet connection and close proximity to a server. Previously Gaikai was only streaming PC games, so even streaming based on the PS3's architecture could be a stretch.

    It seems, after reading the article as a whole, that streaming old games using Gaikai has its problems... which in my opinion makes it totally unviable. But since its going to happen I hope it works out.

    I don't fancy playing sc3 and 4 in it.
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  17. CynicalEffect

    CynicalEffect [02] Apprentice

    To be fair, if I put hundreds of hours into mastering Talim, Yun-seong, rock or seong-mina I'd be pretty pissed to. They were removed for "story reasons", nothing to do with gameplay. Which is made even more laughable considering SCV has the least depth in terms of story content as well.
  18. WindupSkeleton

    WindupSkeleton [14] Master

    Granted, and I'm in that same group myself - Former Amy/Mi-Na main here.

    But it's the fact that people care more about their character than the actual gameplay itself. I'm sorry but, if you ask me, I'd rather have average characters but a solid core, than good characters but terrible gameplay.

    There is a sore lack of story content, but again development time was cut multiple times, so you can't fault them too much for that.
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  19. CynicalEffect

    CynicalEffect [02] Apprentice

    Well sure, but there's no reason why they couldn't have both the characters AND the core gameplay. Other games are adding to rosters, while SCV completely cut the fighting style of 5(?) characters. Hell, even if they didn't do it on release they could have added the characters via DLC.

    Don't get me wrong, the basic gameplay comes above all else. But I really can't see how much longer it would have taken to include the other styles as a percentage of development time.
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