PSN/XBL Hatemail Thread


World Warrior
Personally I find hatemail extremely amusing just because it amazes me at how worked up some people get after their defeat. I often get hatemail but I also want to see what kind of messages other people get. Let's make hatemail even more amusing by sharing it here.

I'll start this thread off with this gem:



[09] Warrior
One day this game might have less of failing.. orrrr prolly not.

Guy had something like 86%, go figure.


[09] Warrior
Ahaahahhah. Reading them now again, lolling. There was a first one also, but alas that got deleted.
The funny thing is how he even managed to sneak lag in there, was at least stellar on my side.

The 2 move comment was probably because the guy ate multiple command throws in the last round of the last game.. ohh the amount of fail in so few lines.

Also I'm most likely blocked.. for beating him few times. Muhahahha : 3

In other news that WarioGamer dude sounds mental.


[09] Warrior
Geez, I got the feeling WarioGamer had issues but wow. He sounds like he has anger problems.


Alchemist of the Ages
Im suprised that he sent that rage mail to OOF, he usually just RQs. What did ya do him? PB K everywhere?


[09] Warrior
I've been accused of:

-Spamming the same 6 moves.
-Grabbing whore (When using Grabstaroth.)
-Using easy characters.
-Lag switcher.
-Tryhard (Whoever invented that insult deserves to die.)
-Bad at the game.
-Pretty much everything else.


[10] Knight
I agree especially on the try hard part (not on the so much die part :p) and its pretty terrible these days. A word scrubs use to try and justify there losses when actually trying your best is all you should really strive to do.