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Discussion in 'Online Mode (PSN/XBL)' started by dmnz, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. dmnz

    dmnz [09] Warrior

    can i haz ragequitters-thread pls???

    Everytime i encounter a raqequitter..ill add their tag on this list

    EU XBL

    LmS Kaoru
    Fires of Ahura
  2. DrakeAldan
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    Wait, why would you take their names down?

    In Ranked, you can't see them. In Player and Global Colosseo it doesn't matter.

    Disconnects happen a lot. Some people actually apologize when you send them a "GG".

    The only real gripe I have with ragequitters is that I can't save the replay.
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  3. dmnz

    dmnz [09] Warrior

    in xbl ranked you can see their names
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  4. caseh

    caseh [09] Warrior

    You can see their names on PS3 as well, its only the initial matching where you can't see their name, just rank.

    I've rage quit twice so far, first one was against a Cerv who was just standing back the whole fight *yawn* and another last night where I was winning by 2 rounds and they started spamming Zwei moves to the extent of pushing ringouts, two ringouts later I left.

    Not too bad for approx 350 fights so far. :sc4hil1:
  5. dmnz

    dmnz [09] Warrior

    theres no excuse for ragequitting
  6. caseh

    caseh [09] Warrior

    Everyone has done it at some point regardless of the game, if it has any relevence my game completion ratio is like 99.8% or something to that extent so it isn't like i'm a serial quitter. I just have better things to do than chase some muppet for an entire game when i'm on there to enjoy the matches, i'll happily take a stuffing if i'm being out played but f*ck am I going to endure being trolled in a game. I'd rather leave and take the hit to my ranking.

    How do you know if someones quit? I've had a ton of matches where you get the 'Communicating...' flashing up before it disconnects. I don't know if thats a quit or a genuine disconnect.
  7. darkfender

    darkfender [07] Duelist

    ragequitting for RO means that u lack a little game knowledge...did you really think namco put RO as a mistake?

    aside that i am a proud ranked ragequitter:
    I got to C4 level, i saw i only needed to get to D1 for the achievement, raged for the waste of time and quit ranked /._./ i hope forever....
  8. Chidokyo

    Chidokyo [04] Fighter

    I got a ragequitter only once, but the game did explicitly say that the other player had left.
  9. Mojo

    Mojo [10] Knight

    I go back to Ranked if I get the "A network error was detected" or whatever it says when I'm in Global Colliseo. Which happens relatively frequently. Unfortunately.
  10. Von_Blackhardt

    Von_Blackhardt [06] Combatant

    I can honestly say that I have never ragequit once. I take my lickings like a man, RQing is for children.
  11. They might not be ragequitters. They might just have bad connections; I've been seeing this a lot.
  12. dmnz

    dmnz [09] Warrior

    nope..they left on purpose..u dont lose connection magically 2 hits before dying
    then encounter the same player and they do the same shit and hatemails you
    and no they dont have bad connections..i only play ranked against EU players with +4bars
  13. TadeMasu

    TadeMasu [08] Mercenary

    So this rustles your jimmies? Jotting down who rage quits or otherwise disconnects intentionally or unintentionally. I see this is a very feasible way to enjoy your victories, I'm inclined to converse and contribute to this topic.

    Rage Quitters:
    Too fucking many

  14. Do ragebooters count?
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  15. Cloukyo

    Cloukyo [05] Battler

    Rage quitters are cancer to an online community. All they care about is their rank and percentage ratio. They can't take a loss and really, it's pathetic. Can't stand them.

    Cerv is meant to be an offensive character, if he's standing back the whole fight then you're at an advantage, guard crush him, throw him, corner him, you have plenty of options. Zwei is a shitty character and there is no such thing as spamming with him.

    You suck at the game and need to learn how to deal with simple shit.

    Goddamn I hate rage quitters.
  16. Synraii

    Synraii [14] Master

    I'm surprised this thread hasn't been locked already tbh. =/
  17. caseh

    caseh [09] Warrior

    You just made your entire comment redundant as far as i'm concerned.
  18. Cloukyo

    Cloukyo [05] Battler

    And you've proven your incompetence with yours. Zwei is a weak character, and the only way someone can win with him is by being very VERY good with him, not by spamming. If you're falling for ring outs that's your fault. I never get pissed off if I get thrown out of a ring, that's my fault for not realising I'm at the edge and getting out of there.
  19. caseh

    caseh [09] Warrior

    When you're being pinned down with 6-7 consecutive hits which eventually push you to the rings edge i don't care how weak you seem to think he is, the fact is hes VERY effective at crushing guard and push backs on small stages.
  20. Synraii

    Synraii [14] Master

    ZWEI is a shit character and you are deluded.
    Go to training mode, he is unplayable competitively.
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