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It's interesting. I've spent years almost asking to be banned from this site for no real reason except that I will never submit to any intimidation, threats, bullying or any of the nonsense that has been thrown my way over the years again for no reason except people have decided they want to. I've never told anyone what to believe about any of it namely because there is no reason in any of it, merely me caught in the middle in what was a desperate perhaps even vain search for it and if someone told you I was doing that you might want to check a bit closer. At what they are telling you to believe. To be specific. Do you know why I haven't been banned then? It's ironic really as if I had been I would never come back. Again why do you ask? I've got better things to do. Anything namely.

So why I haven't I? It's clear when you look around that most do not share my general sensibilities regarding such measures. Ban one and five more pop out seemingly out of nowhere. In fact in all my time here I have only ever seen one person permanently banned which was a special case as it was a well known former sub admin. In that case one could be sure of the supposed effectiveness of the punitive action given the respective positions and regarding the events in question. An exception was made.

So to answer the question it is a policy issue. Not my concern. But mainly it's just the internet. Shit happens. No one ever wants to be the one to clean it up. That's life.Kappa


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A person is drowning. They cannot swim. As you walk by you have a few options. You could call for help by which time it could be too late. You could take action yourself perhaps finding a flotation device or if you're a strong swimmer you could jump in after them but if you jump in you risk being drowned too. Or alternatively you could remark on how they ended up drowning and how they probably deserve to die for their own stupidity and trot on.

So why is the most obvious option such a risk? If a person is unable to swim and drowning surely they would be very open to help having no other reasonable option? This presumes reason but when a person is faced with death there is a moment of sheer panic often referred to as their life flashing before their eyes. Overcome with this panic they desperately grasp into the void to hold on to this fleeting thing they know they have yet cannot see to grasp discarding any reason about it. The void becomes their existence in that moment and their own panic merely pulls them further in away from help.

So in the end the most obvious option is often the wrong one. How can one save someone who regresses to such a state? What causes this panic? Fear. The most important aspect in saving a life in every situation is in finding ways to alleviate this fear. Facing fear with courage. Staring it in the face. This isn't just the person drowning who is in this case clearly too overwhelmed to think straight.

The person in a position to do the saving also must face this fear. Fear they may fail. Fear they will be pulled in too. Perhaps there is nothing they can do. But they can still face the fear with encouragement. Most of the time no one is actually drowning. Yet we all are. All the time. Everyone dies. Inevitably. In fact we have no control. This is all we may do. Face fear with encouragement.

It is a lie. It is imaginary. Anything else is paranoia. Madness.

Fear is your enemy. If you were playing a match in Calibur and you could actually control your enemies action in the same way you control your own would that be:

a) Boring

b) Pointless yet strangely 'fair' nonetheless self-defeating

c) Metaphysically vague with a touch of nonsensical gibberish
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Idiots Guide to Tyranny:

1. Note all the numerous evils in the world.

2. Vigorously condemn and judge said evils.

3. Lament and condemn some more.

4. Identify vague tyrant as the cause.

5. Judge even more vigorously and impotently everyone around you as participating in some way no matter how vague giving them no credit whatsoever.

6. Do all those things you've just condemned because it's all you have left at this point and of course you know better than them.

7. Spare no one considering this to be profit.

8. Become blind to the truth of it.

9. Profit.

10. Repeat ad nauseum


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Look to the horizon and one may be greeted by a beautiful landscape. One may think to move beyond the horizon to see what lies there. No matter how far one moves it remains elusive and unchanging which is in itself beautiful. But if one is always looking to move beyond on this elusive trail one may begin to miss the beauty that had always been laid at their own feet. From the very beginning. Beauty may turn to hopelessness. The forest disappear into the trees. Withering away like the decay of all the earth. Taken for granted more quickly than it disappeared like the falling sun into darkness.
When hopelessness comes look not to the setting sun. Look to the beginning. If one can remember where one started one will remember where they always meant to go.