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Happy Easter!



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When one is happy one acts on happiness and all they do stems from this happiness. The reverse is also true in that when one is miserable all that one does stems from said misery regardless of appearances either way. One however can actively produce neither of these things at least not in the same way a factory produces goods or a bank mints currency. One may merely accept them in almost the same way as one accepts or rejects a gift given but never of one's own accord merely accepted as passed.

One must accept one and reject the other. It is clear enough I think. One can never accept both at the same time. The one accepted will always cancel out the other automatically rejecting it.


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Thanks for sharing these videos. XD ^^

What you said there was very thought provoking. That was pretty deep. I had to read that a few times to process it.
Just got home from church service and feeling a bit mentally tired, but in a good way. XD ^^