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Generations are an odd thing. What the word means isn't strange just another word like I say hi, a French person bonjour, the Spanish hola. Different words but they all mean the same thing like 2+2 will always equal 4. Those meanings don't change but the numbers themselves do like the same words in different languages. They can be strange like generations. Change one little part of an equation and suddenly the result is entirely different. A new name so while the names for the numbers, their supposed value, stay the same they are always moving. Who decides where they go? This is what's called the language and no matter the language the result remains the same in the end every time. No matter the name or the numbers. Only the positions change in relation to one another like even though we all live in the same world looking at these same things everyone see something different. Unique. Though all day we lie to each others faces and deceive even ourselves saying we can change how it ends. Where. Why. When. Still we all know this is not the truth. Not what matters. What matters never changed either. What matters is where it all starts. This is what's called the equation. Remember studying equations in school? We say we are solving the equation but it is not quite so. We already knew the answer because the answer is only what we want it to be. What we already decided it should be. What is best. We look for what is best to balance the equation to make the answer we have predetermined we must reach.

When we see where it starts we see where the numbers are at every stage. If we can calculate this one tiniest of things everything else that follows falls into place. So where does it start? Generations are an odd thing. If we don't know the start how can we know where we are now? How can we see how it ends. How can we see anything. If it ends why did we ever start at all? The true answer was always at the start.

The equation. An equation can only have one answer. There can be many equations. There is only one start. This is the riddle.

The mystery. Not a bunch of numbers or symbols of pretense towards invented and predetermined meanings. The mystery is why anyone ever decided to do that. How? Why? Where? When?

How does it hide in plain sight. How does no one see it? Perhaps it's not such a mystery. You see it like you see me. You ignore it like you ignore me. Yet I've not moved an inch. Or so it seems. No matter how far it may seem I go though. I'm still here. I have no where else to go. Believe me I've tried.
There is no one I can be. No where I can go. Nowhere else. Except where I am right now. Where I always was. Always will be.
Good times.


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You ever wonder how much anyone ever listens? If at all? I honestly think it's a state of mind which is to say the attitude of listening which predicates dialogue.

As if most people upon looking at words on a page for instance, like say these words right here, honestly seem to believe they are telling the words they're apparently reading what they mean/say. As if they were there first. Which even the most basic of cursory examination is unnecessary to determine is not the case.

Which is to say what you're thinking now, as you read this, is conclusively and unarguably different from if you have not and if one indeed has not one cannot then comment on what has/has not been said in the given situation therefore.

It's simply not possible, probable, sensible or indeed in any way rational or possessing of any logical quality whatsoever. One may put the start and finish lines on a race track in any particular place but one does not start at the finish and proceed backwards. The outcome is not revealed before the bang.


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Before the sun may set it must first rise. But in order to rise it must have indeed set. Bearing all that in mind... How?

Alright I'll stop now. Moving swiftly on...


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Did you ever feel like the people around you treat you badly? Disrespectfully taking you for granted. No matter what they say nor excuses they make they cannot hope to disguise the low opinion they hold in truth? Perhaps at work. Perhaps your friends. Perhaps even the one you love. Your own family.

Yet you fear to say anything. If you should try and tell them how you feel no matter how calmly or reasonably they nonetheless take offense. Become 'defensive'. Perhaps they even accuse you of being disrespectful. Perhaps you even believe them. Despite all reason. You simply don't wish to believe they could think so little of you.

You are not alone. Not even fucking close. Not by a long shot.


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Boys will be boys. This is not an opinion. This is a very simple fact. Boys may become many things indeed but the fact remains that at whatever point they are or have been boys. Saying or not saying these words will never change anything about this again very simple fact.

What is a toxin? In medicine a 'disease' or sickness is defined as a cause that interrupts the normal functioning of cells within the body. A 'symptom' is recognised as the physical manifestation of that cause often used as an identifier to treat the specific 'disease' or sickness. Therefore a 'toxin' is something that prevents the normal functioning of cells in some particular way interrupting it in various ways usually by being ingested or imbibed from some outside source presenting with often specific 'symptoms' depending on the 'toxin'. Something incompatible with naturally occurring bodily function.

Boys will be boys. This is the natural course of life leading to manhood. There is no way around it. How can the normal functioning of cells be considered in any way whatsoever the opposite which is defined as a 'disease' or sickness caused by a 'toxin' among other potentials. You are not saying there is a 'toxin' coming from the the outside. You are saying the normal function is the disease. The sickness is healthy and the healthy is the sickness.

Therefore if there is a sickness coming from the outside caused by some specific 'toxin' it is not among the normal functions of the body which in the case of boys here we must refer to as masculinity. If it is toxic, it is not masculinity and if it is masculinity, it is not toxic unless masculinity is what is being referred to as the ultimate 'toxin'. Swap out 'masculinity' with 'femininity' for fun to be presented with the exact same story and toxicity as such can therefore only refer to something that is neither. Something that is animal and misbegotten. Abominable.

Of course people seem to prefer to forget the facts when they decide it suits them.

Fun fact: Nobody particularly cared to catch the Yorkshire ripper which is to say the people charged with the task allowed him to roam free for years and years even catching him and releasing him. No one cared. Until he began to murder women that weren't prostitutes... I guess that wasn't much fun but the fact remains history is littered with these stories and you need not look far to see misogyny and misandry at work in every corner of society to this day.

Why even bother with those separate terms anyway as if the idea someone hates me for no reason actually affects my well-being like the ripper cutting those women up affected theirs? It's self-loathing. Simple. Good times.