Raphael Combos/LH/NC/NCC etc

Hi, #1 Raphael on xbox here.

Best attack after :A::+::B: LH is definitely going to be a simple :3::B: AG :B:.

Sets you right back into okizeme game.
Can't figure out what you mean.

If you Counter Hit with a charged 6A+B, you get a lethal hit stun or something like that.
If you hit in normal hit instead you have a 50% back throw/launcher mixup.

Unfortunately the normal HIT mixup doesn t work on Counter Hit and i have no idea on any possible followup..
It's not a Lethal Hit, but you do get a stun yes. It also doesn't need a Counter Hit to happen, you get a stun if you charge the move, whereas the uncharged version won't stun even on counter. The followups are the same as 4A on hit, except that 44B (max damage without Soul Charge) is a lot more consistent. But yeah, you can get 44B, 2A+B, B4, 3(B) or, in Soul Charge, 2A+BB or 1KB. There are other things that work, but everything else that I've found is worse than the ones I posted already.
Following on what Lovelain writes, I think that 6[A+B] and 6A+B have a lot of potential. Charged version jails and is -2 on guard and STN on hit. Condition the opponent with the held version to block, frames for 6A+B are -2 on guard and +8 on hit. This is great bc if they block then 6B can still beat MANY attacks that respond or 8wr around them. If on hit they cannot step 6B, BBB, 3B, A+G, etc. their stumble into BT state makes them more vulnerable than other +8 moves on hit.

Also it seems that any move that gives you +8 that leaves opponent within range doe not permit them to step 6B and possibly BB:B
I prefer LH A+B ~ 236:B for 73 dmg; LH A+B ~ 214:B 75 dmg if close to opponent; LH A+B ~ CE for 92 dmg

After LH A+B you can get a 44K 4A+B,A which is 85 damage. If you're in SC, you can 2A+B,B after the 44K for 98 dmg.

As far as I know, those are his actual best options.
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