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SCV 22A is gone, unless it's part of his AA or something. 22AA second hit should have been a mid for a better mixup but it better be NC and 22AB better be NCC.

My dream came true to a certain extent for Prep. It now has highs and mids for true pressure and other functions (Prep 6A and 6K to catch step). I was hoping they would add TC to Prep 4 but Shadow Evade stayed. It's still a great stance but will no longer be the main goal. I personally disliked entering an evasive stance but rarely ducking highs to access superior moves. Hopefully, we have ways to condition people to attack more often with highs during Prep.
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Absolutely love the new Raph. So many tools, and enough depth and complexity to keep fans occupied for ages! He seems geared to a rather extreme defense/counter game.

I thought I had a good handle on things in SCV, but I have to admit his new Prep options seem daunting. Not sure at all what is going to work out in the long run. It does seem like he has a lot of viable new moves though, so it should keep opponents out of their comfort zones as they have to constantly change how they deal with him.


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Raphael looks really awesome. Prep AA and Prep AB are decent fast mids. No more easy Prep shut down. I'm sad that 4B hold no longer guarantees followups. Why?? Requiring a CH makes it less appealing as his go-to TC.

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Raph is cool in SC6 something new all the time, from minute to minute how I play all day he is more interesting.
I see potential a lot of new cool things. I created a topic what I discovered at this time :)


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Quick question from a scVI noob.

Did we get a left tracking tool fast enough to beat step (or the abomination of stepG if still present)?
Does preparation have any (SCV prep with had not 1 but 2 universal answers even on hit) left tracking tool?
Any idea on the speed of 6B or any fast punisher poke?

And finally since i really didn t understand the new mechanics yet:
If i go into prep (or any stance) and opponent has a CE bar any way to evade the supermove if i see it coming or i have to avoid stances anytime opponet has a bar?


Lets hope because no left tool = raph useless.