rdmunhoz's SCVI gallery


[14] Master
Really love the quality and feel of your designs. Famine’s chest-mouth... just nope though. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with any future DLC.


[14] Master
The indians are your forte but the cat anthros in their midst made me scratch my head and my jaw drop. Nice head build my friend


[10] Knight
Seems I missed a fair few additions since my last visit. And even a cat- er, excuse me, forest elf! Always a fan of those, of course. Love the colors.

I think 'Conquest' steals the show for me though, that eerie dead stare and patchwork skin makes me think of some animated clockwork doll brought to life and sent out to slaughter everything it encounters.

As always, seems like everything you post has a ridiculously high quality level. Dunno when the next CAS pack drops, but I certainly hope to see more from you when it does! (if not sooner)