Request to go! (SC6)


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Probably the most challenging one known to humankind. Could someone give me tips on how to get the face and hair right, please?



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Sorry for the double post, but I figure requests and creations should be kept separate, if I'm wrong I guess @brucege can merge these posts. I gave a shot at Cai Wenji, @mokamoka827's request. I'm not totally happy with it as the large belt can't have stickers applied to it, but it's also the only belt of its type for women, but an attempt was made on the whole.

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Nice job! I think it turned out pretty well, given what's available. I actually went with that belt when I attempted her too, since there really isn't much else that would work lol. Nice choice of shoes, by the way! Somehow, using those didn't occur to me, I ended up defaulting to the stilettos lol


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I would like to see someone else's take on Uzume, I tried myself and I'm not sure how I feel about my attempt


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OK I got one last request. It's a big one Could someone please do the Sailor Senshi, Outer and Inner. If this already exists for 6 (I know it does for 5) could you please link me to where I can find the formulas so I can put them on my console.


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I've tried creating Ike from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn but haven't had the best of luck. I'm hoping someone will have better luck than me.