Return of the Jaxel-Dome Results!


Good tournament... I had fun... will do another in 6 months...

1: Woahhzz
2: Ramon
3: Dreamkiller
4: Rigel
5: Jian
5: JJJ
7: Kikaleek
7: Goofus
9: Bibulus
9: Klizza
9: Landslide
9: JRWR7
13: Sporko
13: InsaneKhent
13: Jaxel
13: Malice
17: Horyzon
17: MJHill
17: Kitastrophe
17: Serge
17: Chuggins


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Holy Moly
Wasn't there but wanna say thanks to Jaxel for the great work on the stream and running the event!

Oh and congrats to all the placers!


[08] Mercenary
Hwy guys! good job at the Jaxel Dome!!

I was the black dude that came with LandSlide and did the commentary hopefully next time ill join the next tournament!


[09] Warrior
dude your star wars rant was epic by the way. anyway sorry i skipped out so early this time around, work has severly kicked my ass in the past few weeks and i needed sleep


[09] Warrior
It's all good Neo. I know how work can get. :\ Dude, this Jaxeldome was long over due; however, totally worth the wait !! :D As usual it was great to see everyone again. :D Big shout out to Sinbad, for Sinbading with us at Sinbad......... I mean IHOP. XD Can't wait for the next Jersey Party at Sizzler !! >:)


Equal Sign Slash
So yea, as some ppl already know (cause of FB) I basically decided to quit. The game is jus not like the old ones. I'm not gonna sit here and bash it because I don't like it, but yea. Not putting up with it anymore. So at NEC I won't be entering 4, but definitely 2 and 3.

Had mad fun at the tourney tho. Great seeing everyone again. Hope ur all goin to NEC.


I Knew It!!!
So yea, as some ppl already know (cause of FB) I basically decided to quit. The game is jus not like the old ones. I'm not gonna sit here and bash it because I don't like it, but yea. Not putting up with it anymore. So at NEC I won't be entering 4, but definitely 2 and 3.

Had mad fun at the tourney tho. Great seeing everyone again. Hope ur all goin to NEC.

Hmmph! We talked about this negro. I don't wanna hear this shit! I will NOT be going to NEC it seems.

The Landslide

[13] Hero
I had a lot of fun at this. It was really cool to see everyone again, I’ve been gone from the scene for what feels like forever. Obviously I kind of played like it, but it was a blast to hang out with all of you guys. I’m going to write some shout outs because I had fun.

Sporko: We NEVER play at tournaments, outside of the one or two times we got matched up in-tournament. I’ll stop talking about you, you know I love you.

Maxx: Extending all the way back to BEFORE NJ regionals, I think you’ve been my 1st match at every tournament I’ve attended. In other words, you’re my spring board into Losers. Jerk. Clearly I should have grabbed more, though… just kidding, it was cool seeing you.

Jian: I didn’t talk to you at all! I’m such an asshole. Congrats on placing high though!

Woahhzz: At first I was confused that you beat my ass so bad with Yoshi. I’m pretty glad you won with him, now I don’t feel so bad. Good job proving you can win under any circumstances, and you’re super relaxed too.

Rigel: I didn’t see you much besides the part where you got out of your car. Your loss. :(

Khent: Please just use Mina always. You know the rest.

Kit: You’re a marine. Thanks for opening the tournament with most pro match of all time. I took notes.

Serge: I can’t chug beer at all, especially not shitty beer like Coors. Good times though. I promise to stay for MMA next time.

Jrwr7: Keep your Amy using ass out of my sight.

Malice: You have the best commentary ever. Its impossible not to have fun when you’re in the room.


JJJ: Even though I lost it was a fun time. I’m glad I could brighten up your night haha.

The Stream: I hope I wasn’t too annoying…

Voldo Players Everywhere: Never watch my scrubby ass matches, for your own good.

I’ll see you all again at NEC. As usual, I refuse to practice.


Super Moderator
The videos are now up now. If you are a member of 8WR's Facebook Fan page, you would be in the know already.

I'll probably do some shoutouts sometime in November, but I had a lot of fucking fun on Saturday like I usually do at any tournament at the Jaxeldome. If you weren't there, you missed out on alot. Hopefully it won't be another 6 months before we can do this again. Make it 3 at least.


[09] Warrior
HeY everyone,

What can i say that was not stated. It was a great tourney. Full of Fun, Food, and UFC... To all those who said that would drop on by and then didnt, you all missed out on a fun night..

For the record, yes, I drank for a full 13 hours that Saturday. So you know how much we had, I plan to somewhat list the items for

3 liters of rum
1 bottle of vodka
2 bottle of jewish goodness, you know what i am talkin about.
1 bottle of Kahlua
1 boxed wine
2 30pack of Coors light
1 bottle of hurricane

What was left on sunday morning:
1 bottle of rum, about 700ml
9 cans of beer.

So as you can see it was a nice amount for those who drank..
Anyways, Congrats to the placers. And I cant wait for the next run.


[12] Conqueror
First, to the people who kicked my ass:

Klizza - Why the fuck did I switch to Cervy? Didn't even work for me

Goofus - Why the fuck didn't I know that you'd switch to Amy? Definitely didn't work out for me

Jian - It never works out for me, ever

Kikaleek - HAVEN'T I BEEN TELLING YOU FOR NEARLY TWO YEARS NOW THAT SHE IS GARBAGE-TIER?! You mostly got over your hurdles with me and look what it was doing for you

Anyway, with all that out of the way - this tournament taught me the valuable lesson that I needed to learn, and that's not to not give a shit anymore and enjoy myself at events. No more sulking and moping around after losses, no more being short with people because I'm under pressure. In fact, no more pressure, period. Life is way too short to waste my time agonizing over this game, and I'm tired of looking like a dipshit because of it.

At NEC, I'm having a few drinks with Rigel. I'm gonna loosen up and for the first time in two-and-a-half years of playing SC competitively, have fun. I'm gonna play in the tournament, and I'm gonna laugh it off when I inevitably lose. And if I win, I'm gonna laugh at my opponent because Mi-na is fucking terrible and no one should lose to her, ever.

Fuck it. I don't care anymore, and I refuse to base my well-being on trying earn and maintain a good rep in this game. It's all bullshit.

I still love this game though, and I am really happy that I made the decision to be apart of the community. I'm 31 years old, and doing this still keeps me young at heart. This event had some fantastic moments such as Chuck The Landslide making his return, Serge offending everyone with his nakedness, a dude who raged out at Ramon for "being unreasonable", and Sporko de-throning Jian of the No-Pants title.

P.S. - Delnar, I hope you know that I'm not trying to rub it in your face about the "grabbing" stuff. I just wanted to make another picture joke about the situation with no offense intended towards you or Jon. I wish you'd reconsider your decision to quit SCIV, but if that's really what you have your mind set on than I will respect it.


Premium Member
Just want to say thanks to Kit and Landslide for the great commentary. On top of that, more props to Kit for giving the best SSF4 commentary ever!