Return of the Jaxel-Dome Results!


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Amy has 2B+K. No grab fest necessary.

Pretty sure Amy was the one getting grabbed.

What makes it sad that he won with Yoshi? I certainly didn't expect him to pull it off since it was his first tourney bringing Yoshi out, (He's been using him lots during casuals since well before FSAK), but certainly not sad.

I also don't believe he was making any sort of point, personally. He was getting bored with Ivy anyway and almost never played her outside of major tournaments.


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Well I can see that ;) Ivy is boring when there are so many options with yoshi... by point I just ment pulling out a character he hasnt used in the tourney scene and winning after all the FSAK bull... you know?


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Watched some vids you guys were killing me everytime woahhzz would miss his iMCF combo and go into MED B you were like that shit aint working stop it lol

He was trying to RCC and hit 3B+K:B for his combo, you get MED if you dont RCC correctly.... It happens

From what I seen looks like it was alot of fun, wish I wouldve watched the stream oh well least we got vids... When he beat Rigel with SDGF 2B+K,6 into MED K. How is that getting trolled ? LoL just wondering?


GGs you scrubs, i had a good time. too bad i was the ONLY player there from mass :cough:scrubs:cough:. next time im throwin down some money for the steaks and sausages and shit yuup

Jaxel - thanks for hosting and putting up with us. btw..i was the one who tagged that thread 'manos the hands of fate' a couple weeks back eeehhhh

Jian - tough luck on the no pants, i thought you were a lock. you cost me $10 :smack!, j/k GGs

Malice - awesome commentary, even better skillz running on the rainbow road thru walls while flexxing lol. next time, we get some games in.

JJJ - you got me you bastard! also awesome commentary, good rapping skillz kindasorta. next time im gonna say SAME STAGE yuup

MaxxDreamKiller - dont quit,
(start @2:50) will change your mind lol. either way always good to see you despite how mean you are to me ;'(

Bibulus - GGs, good hanging out with you, sorry btw (look at Dreamkillers Props lol ^^^) delicious herbage btw

Klizza - another old school Sc2 player, good to see you still competing

Ramon - eeehh you lost to yoshi. congrats on 2nd.

NeoOutlaw - you love the edgemaster beard eehhhh!!

Jrwr7 - ty SO much for my burgers, they were delicious. good to see you!

Sporko - congrats on no pants champ! next time we get games in so i can avenge myself from fsak yuup

Kit - good seein ya, i hope the next morning wasnt too rough for ya. next time i wanna stay over so i can drink with you guys

Serge - funny guy lol. no Jaxel tourney is ever complete w/o one of your nuts poppin out,

Rigil - good to see you, i hope everyone got what they wanted later on hehe

Kikaleek - thx for comin with me and helping make the ride go faster, remember that dude at the NJ gas station? lol

InsaneKhent - GGs, yea sorry for amy. nice pic tho lol

Woahhzz - Congrats on first! GGs casualing after the tourney, i guess ;p

ChuckTheManslide - havent see you in a long time, next time we'll get some games in yuup

im sure im missing people but yea, GGS


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Props Woahhzz. I'll have to hunt down vids. You grab that CH iMCF, RCC 3B+K:B from Lolo? Either way, nice job. =)


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Wuddup. Muthafuckin hypeman in the building. Let me get these shoutouts out of the way since I am here.

It was awesome seeing everybody. I have been waiting for this tournament for a long time and had a fucking blast. It's a shame that there weren't more people to take part. At least there's video on YT for those who missed it.

Usually I'm hype, but I been pretty pessimistic lately at the state of things and seeing people quit the game, not show, or just leave the community. I usually contemplate quitting myself, but seeing you guys come out and having a great time just gets me back hype for this game. I just wish I played better in tournament, but beer told me otherwise along with spilling into my controller which I now have to buy a new one. But whatever, I will still be playing Calibur because all these other fighting games bore the hell out of me.


Jaxel: You the man for hosting us all, broadcasting the tournament, and uploading the vids to YouTube. I am hoping that it won't be another 6 months before we do this again. If so, then I will still be there.

Kit aka The Grillmaster: What's good brotha. Always good seeing you. I did not drink enough at Jaxels despite the amount of alcohol being drunk at Jaxels. I'll be able to drink more at NEC.

Kit's brother: thanks for coming through with that meat in my mouth. Delicious.

ChuckTheFakeassGreendaySlide: You need to move your ass to Philly so that it's not months between the times that I see you. But once I saw you and Dhalsim in the building, I knew that I was going to have an awesome time. Play more Calibur son. Keep it chocolatey!

Jian: You are tough to beat. Stop talking shit about Sporko.

g0ofus: We need to play next time, but I am glad that NE came through to Jaxels when you guys are several hours away from Jersey. You guys are awesome.

Kikaleek: I didn't get to play you either. We'll be sure to do so at NEC.

NeoOutlaw: You the man with the alcohol. That Monk's beer got a nigga loose, and now I am down one PS3 controller. Good times.

Serge: some things cannot be unseen, even if I gouge my eyes out. Keep your clothes on son and keep playing that Calibur. I hope that you put the knowledge of the three dimensions of ass to good use and hope to see you at NEC because I know it will be
with you in the house. Bring champagne.

JRWR7: Yea you won but you still old as fuck. Good games though, I'm coming for you next time though.

Klizza: Good to see you again. I didn't get the chance to get some of dat brew. Make it at NEC. Bring the sippy cup.

Ramon: I need to actually play you sometime. We never play. Good shit coming in 2nd.

Dreamkiller: I'll let you grab all up on Bubble's skinny white ass at NEC if you don't quit SC4. Put more screw in them screwdrivers yo.

Sporko aka the new No Pants Champion: keep your pants on. But you ain't the champ yet until you have had a successful title defense. Then you will be the champ. So if Jian wants to challenge you again or if Serge wants to challenge you since he's usually naked anyway, then whip their ass and you'll really be the No Pants Champion.

Khent: What you should do is making having fun the priority and competing in tournament secondary. That way you won't kill yourself about the results. But glad you came through and joined the tournament.

JJJ: I don't know why you are so fucking hilarious, but you had me cracking the fuck up as always. Good shit in SSF4 also.

Rich: good shit bringing the Wii. Fuck that gay ass muscle running on rainbows whatever the fuck game that way. And nobody can fuck with me in NBA Jam. I'm a legend in that game from back in '94.

Hacker: Glad you came out. I don't know how you stay up all night like it's nothing.

Bibulus: Glad you came through with that drank. Fuck up goofus next time.

Woahhzz: Good shit winning another tournament. You are the man to beat, especially when you grab more than a horny high school kid. Calm down yo.

Brock Lesnar: Glad you came through, but you got knocked the fuck out. Come harder next time.

Coors Light: You aiight, but you taste like water. Come harder next time.

Monk's Beer: Or whatever your name is. You aiight.

Slow ass white lady driving in front of me: Bitch you are slow. Thanks for adding another 10 minutes to my drive time you cunt.

Taco Bell: I had my heart set on fucking up a Nacho BellGrande, and you fucks were closed down. Stop serving that ratmeat yo.

Burger King: You get mad props for 2 fo 4 Whoppers and hooking me up with some free French Toast sticks. Fuck McDonalds.

If I don't see any of yall in Philly, at the porn convention in Edison, or at 8 on the Break, I'll see ya at NEC. It's on.


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Props Woahhzz. I'll have to hunt down vids. You grab that CH iMCF, RCC 3B+K:B from Lolo? Either way, nice job. =)

Yeah, I did teach that to Woahhzz, among other things, but Woahhzz has a unique style, I like how he whores iMCF, after a lot of moves, 33B mixups and grabbing, lol, is almost like my basic anti Ivy strat, I guess that was his first experiencie with Yos.


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I'm thinking that's the one problem with knowing too much about Yoshi. You and I get a little too greedy and/or complex when playing. Woahhzz on the other hand was straight and to the point.