Rock 44bb follow up


[08] Mercenary
Post virginity gone:

Bum smash gives nice advantage when you land it as counterhit.
44BB can be used in the stuncombo: 3A -> 2B+K -> 44BB
However it's very possible to shake out of unfortunatley.

44BB can also be delayed slightly, which sometimes fools my Siegfried buddy.

I've been looking around some but can't seem to find a thread for new people where one can pick up on the abbrevations
like BT CH and so on. (Figured out what BT is and so on, but still).


[09] Warrior
2G~turn, FC 3K is a tech trap...
G~turn, 2A+G_2B+G is a tech trap...
mix this up with 2A+K/ 1A and you have a deal...


[09] Warrior
Then G turn and 1A+G*1B+G are guaranteed...
Or dash in for 2B+K, 11, 214A;A;A...
Also if you G-turn (now I need to test this), I think [B+K] will track on wake-up, unlike the BT'd version...
(anyone have a definate answer to this already?)