Sad that their are no extra bound stuns in SCVI. That was the only thing good about Lost Swords. So CH 3B & CH WS B to SCH B is no longer a bound stun to follow up with 22_88BB
I`m sure we will find something with the new mechanics. Every installment I have played so far has been broken down by us and we found some really good stuff for our favorite knight. I look forward to living in the lab in this game. Also....Zack is that you?!
I hope absolutely nothing from Lost Swords makes it in.
Except maybe Seong Mina

Some combos are already Lost Swords like: Mitsu does AAA. The 1st 2 hits of AAA string is standard AA, but the 3rd hit goes into Mitsu's 22_88A+K from SCIV. The 1st 2 hits of Sophitia's BBB string is standard BB, but the 3rd & 4th hits goes into her 3A+B. When in Soul Charge Mode Sophitia does BBBB. The 5th hit of Sophitia's BBBB is a guard break version of her 44B+K or in Lost Swords case 44B. A+B moves, While Standing Moves, & Ring Outs are back.