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With regards to "ginger colored" hair, I'm happy with how 3,5:9 looks:

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For blonde, I used 5,11:6 for Den Blüdsoul (my present avatar), and 11,11:4 for Gill from Street Fighter III:

I don't have any examples for brunette since my only non-black haired brunettes are Seong Mi-na with her default hair and color, and a Street Fighter Alpha 2 Sakura cosplay for Talim using the cut version of Seong Mi-na's hair… with its default color.

I did find a couple more examples for red hair, though; my bratty angel, Ariel Le'ammas, dressed as "The Little Mermaid" (4,1:9), and 2B dressed as "Wendy" (3,3:9):

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As for ginger hair, I've been playing around for a little bit and these seem pretty nice. Your millage may vary depending on the aesthetic you're going for, it's a hard color to get right and an ever harder color to work into functional designs.




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When making the human version of my devil, Karen 'Akamu, I opted for "6,6:6" just for the Hell of it (heh); thought it gave her a nice "caramel" tan:

Then for the recreation of my Dynasty Warriors Nanman spear-user, Xiù Měi, I used 6,8:4; something a bit lighter but less vibrant:

I've also mentioned previously that if a Malfested (Mutated)'s skin tone is white (31,0:0) and their markings are "black" (0,0:0), then the markings will appear nearly invisible:

A specific combination, yes, but perfect for Quintessa who was "drained of all color" by a magical artifact (her glowing blue eyes are due to attaining "arcane sight" later).
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Thank you guys so much for the codes! Greatly appreciated and really help a player who struggles with colors.

Can I ask which codes you generally use on clothes to get core colors, like a nice blue, red, yellow?

Yellow in particular can be difficult, as can metal tones.

Amazing creations btw! I love dynasty warriors. :)


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You can also use two Number 1 stickers for a …waist band? 😛 Though the zipper sticker is nice due to its built-in texture.

Speaking of Mortal Kombat, I find Hilda's Defender's Tiara pairs with the Spy Mask quite well, as seen in Karen 'Akamu's "Jade" cosplay above.

(Also I really wish stickers and patterns had numbers associated with the slider bars akin to custom characters and extra equipment.)
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Half OT i guess, but help will be rewarded with downloadable commission request :D

I'm trying the extra slots trick

I published online a Kilik alt
Instant found It (going just one R1 step) in published characters
Saved it in published chars slots, removed from online

Done It a second time, all gone perfect Just the same

Tried a third time, but now i can't find my creation to save It.
Anybody know if there's some way to directly search by author?

Checking hundreds to find mine sound pain in the ass


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insaw this on a site so. Not mines just ref. How do make the legs shorter anyone know thanks
They posted a video about it, those aren't really legs, they just used Extra Equipment to simulate Obi-Wan having "the high ground" for the joke / quote from the movie. It doesn't look very good in motion. It's just two boots and the school bag.


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I'm not sure if this is already common knowledge but I stumbled over it the other day:
Vertically mirroring structured stickers seems to also invert its 3D-effect from dented-it to dented-out and vice versa.
In the example, the left scar sticker is vertically mirrored, the right one is not.