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Discussion in 'Soulcalibur IV (Multi)' started by spongebob, May 19, 2009.

  1. spongebob

    spongebob [08] Mercenary

    Ok so a while back I posted a thread called make your own SCIV border. You can have a look if you want. This is similar but maybe a bit more fun ;p


    1) Go to this link
    2) Fill everything in then click generate. Some things e.g. circulation and set id if you don't know what it means then you can leave blank.
    3) Just rightclick and save the image (you don't have to log in)
    4) Upload it to photobucket or whatever hosting site you use.
    5) Post the link to image here with IMG tags.

    I only could be bothered to make one lol but here it is, ill post more later:


    PS. Don't take this seriously its just a joke ;P

    PSS. Yes I went there. Mitsurugi's attack level is over 9000!!!!!
  2. Plume

    Plume [01] Neophyte

  3. Animefreak6969

    Animefreak6969 [11] Champion

    This is sweet


    i just did that on the spot
  4. IvyFanboy

    IvyFanboy [11] Champion

    If we're gonna be making cards can we at least have some respect to TCGs and use the Magic set editor? (would have way funnier potential as well)
  5. Animefreak6969

    Animefreak6969 [11] Champion

    uh NO, as Yu-Gi-Oh! is japanese and and awesome, like SC4


    WARUI_NE Prettier than you


    i heard when you get algol in random you jump off the edge AF

    is that true?

  7. PhilBond

    PhilBond [09] Warrior

    This is funny stuff, but I don't know anything about the correct format for information on a dumbass Yugioh card, and my OCD won't let me break formatting rules.
  8. Animefreak6969

    Animefreak6969 [11] Champion

    me too Phil, good thing I DO know the format lol.

    Bubbles YES it is, unless i just don't feel like NOT fighting, then I suicide with Algol, same with Gaypprentice, Yogay and Talim. But again i'll fight if I feel like it
  9. Citrus

    Citrus [01] Neophyte

    Ironic thing is I actually frequent YCM.

  10. Devilsaur2

    Devilsaur2 [01] Neophyte

    LOL LOL LOL. Love the mitsu and fuck off algol ones rofl.

    Might make one later haha.
  11. WARUI_NE

    WARUI_NE Prettier than you

    Funny ish

    i like this thread
  12. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    LOL. I still thing MTG format would be easier for most of us.
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    Also: Who here has actually played YuGiOh?
  13. DC97

    DC97 [10] Knight

    I have (10 characters)
  14. Tiamat

    Tiamat [11] Champion

    OMG you are awesome LOL
  15. dmnz

    dmnz [09] Warrior

  16. Animefreak6969

    Animefreak6969 [11] Champion

    lol i know i am Tiamat.

    also Iplay Yu-Gi-Oh! yes, got a magician deck in here with a limited edition deck holder
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    I like this thing


    maybe a little too much.....

    I hate people lol

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