SCIV Combos


[11] Champion
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AA - 22dmg
6AK - 28dmg
B4B - 29dmg
9B~3B - 50dmg (3B will also tech trap any direction)
FC 1KK - 29dmg
2B+K~3B - 55dmg
4B+K~3B - 43dmg
9B+KBB - 50dmg (unsafe if the last hit is JF-teched, otherwise good wakes)
11B~FC 1B - 35dmg
11B~66A+B - 50dmg (tiprange only)
Slidekick~3B - 39dmg


AAB - 44dmg
1A~3B - 37dmg (closerange only)
6BB - 55dmg
1BB - 26dmg
3KK - 29dmg
33AA - 53dmg
44AA - 32dmg
66B~11B - 44dmg


3B~8A+B - 51dmg (longrange only)
3B~66B~11B - 61dmg (tiprange only)
WS B~A+B - 52dmg (tiprange only)
ch WS B~66B~11B - 77dmg (tiprange only)
6K~6AK - 49dmg
44B~66A+B - 44dmg
44B~66B~11B - 76dmg (mid-to-longrange only)

Stun Combos

ch 3A~44A+B - 64dmg (tiprange only)
ch BB~3B~66B~11B - 96dmg (2nd B must hit at tiprange)
ch or auto-GI 4KB~3KK~3B - 70dmg
ch 66KKK~6B+K~3B - 56dmg


[11] Champion

X-Copy of my combo writeup.

Mina is not really a combo heavy character. You can probably count the number of useful combos she has on one hand. However you do need to know what your combos do in terms of setting up your game. So that's why I'm writing this. Here's your basic bread and butter combo:

3B (tip) 66B FC1B

However the 66B is prone to not slam if too close. Make a quick judgement and if too close, do this:

3B launch 8A+B

What this does is put you at the right range to use pretty much all your lows and where if you run just a short distance 3B will launch (at the right distance to do the 66B combo to boot). So it's essentially an instant mixup situation. At this range 2A+B, 11A, 1A, 22B and 2A are all viable. If 2A hits, it also sets you up to perform the mixup again. You can also threaten with 66A+B at this range. Remember, it's okay if they block it. You only need 5 to break their guard!

If they start rolling, 2A+B will hit grounded and do 26 damage at this range. Nothing to sneeze at. Or you could just 3B them.

WS B (normal hit) A+B
This is pretty awesome. It does more or less the same thing as 3B 8A+B but you don't even need to run in to be at the right range to launch. However the launch tends to be the closer non 66B'able variety. It's not entirely consistent so I recommend you go for the 8A+B juggle unless you feel confident at telling the difference.

WS B (counter hit) 66B FC1B
Very occasionally the opponent seems to get slammed far enough away that FC1B will whiff. In which case it might be safer to just do the 66B.

It's not too hard to see the difference between the WS B combos. So make sure you check which you get. Here's a tip: the normal hit combo doesn't have nearly as strict timing as the CH one. So be prepared to do the CH one first, then if you realise it's normal hit just press A+B.

Wall hits
Congratulations! You've just managed to do something that's pretty hard to do with Mina! However, it does happen, even if rarely. Combo'able Wall hits tend to occur after A+B or you launch them close enough to the wall. It's rare as hell, but it sometimes happens. There's two more or less reliable combos that you can do when it does but due to damage scaling they end up doing about the same amount of damage.

Wall hit -> 4KB 3KK 3B(or 66A+B if you feel like they might tech wrongly.)

Wall hit -> 66KKK 4B
This is the one I'd recommend. Space is incredibly important to Mina. Also important to note is this one is faster and will also combo from an 8A+B wallhit.

Misc combos:
1A(CH close) 3B
3A(CH at tip) 3B
FC1KK(tip) 3B
4KB autogi 3KK 3B

And that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Told you she's not a combo heavy character. Lol.


[08] Mercenary

CH 4KB 3KK 8B+K 7B 7B 7B (3rd hit misses sometimes)

thats the only one i didnt see on here from the other forum...good stuff Shen thx.


[11] Champion

I should probably update the combos here. A number of them are somewhat outdated at this point.

But considering 33KB isn't an NCC or even usable as a fake I wouldn't bother with it outside of stun combos such as:



[11] Champion

Not as much as CH 4KB 3KK 33KB 2K. :p

Yeah. I need to update that first post.


[09] Warrior

Probably old stuff but:

CH 4KB 3KK 66A+B
-does 5 points more than 3B ender if opp just lies there
-does 15+ points more than 3B if opp tries to tech, doing 80+ damage

On bigger opps:
CH 4KB (wait) 33KB K
-can leave opp standing for mixups

On the odd chance you get the second hit of 33KB to connect for any reason:
33(K)B 33KB 33KB
-air-controllable, but still funny


[08] Mercenary

Great combo->

66K(CH) KK, 6B+K, 8B+K, 7B+K, 7B+K = ~71

Just make sure you don't do this near an edge, or you will pole vault yourself out of the arena. (Very upsetting, and embarrassing.) I'm not sure if it is possible that the opponent can avoid the 7B+Ks but it almost always works in my matches. I follow many combos up with the 7B+K thing. VERY Damaging.


[08] Mercenary

Are there any good videos available showing off some of these combos, or at least a match consisting of good players? I'm trying to pick her up, and I tend to learn better when I have a visual media.


[10] Knight

I got one I like: 11B (Tip, of course) 33B 66A+B or 8A+B. The latter does more damage (Sometimes a lot, based on the character's hitbox and 8A+B's stupidly inconsistent tip window). If you finish with 66A+B, you get 11 damage, while using 8A+B gives you 59 to 68 damage. Lol, for some reason I always get the latter against X.

I know you can get 66B FC 1B off of it as well, but the window for that is stupidly small. It's just as iffy if you use WS B instead of 33B, IMHO.


[09] Warrior

A few odd wall combos that I've found(though you can escape them):

-CH 11B(tip), WR B(has to launch, this is where it hits opponent against wall), 6A+B, 66KKK, 6B+K, 33KB, 2K
-Same as above but replace 66KKK and the rest with 4A+B 4A+B
-CH BB(second B tipped), 6A+B(hits opponent against wall), 66KKK
-CH BB(second B tipped), 6A+B(hits opponent against wall), 4A+B 4A+B

These probably weren't that great though, sorry if it's not useful.