SCIV Combos


[09] Warrior

If you wanna see some cool uses of it go to the Mina video topic and look at community presentation part 2, my mina part starts off with some tech jumps using it.


[09] Warrior
So yeah...A+B can work 44B on a back turned opponent. A friend found this out a while ago. Dunno if it's in here or not but throwing it out there.

Also, some other things that work. Pogo works in a corner on a 3B -> 66B or similar combo instead of FC 1B. After tip 11B, the WR B isn't always reliable for launching, but as my friend found out you can do 33B as a combo, and it launches much more reliably.


[09] Warrior
Mina vids?

44B -> 33KB -> 2K does more damage and would be a slightly better option. For most damage on 1BA the A has to hit them when they aren't in the air, and even then if you add the 2K the damage will still be higher on 33KB. It's timing dependent but not that hard to get. You could always sacrifice a little damage if you want to go for 33KB oki too.


[10] Knight
Can someone do me a favour - show me all your wall combos, please? My Mina trainning session almost finish. It will speed me up to start a new trainning for new character if someone can give me some idea. =) THX.


[12] Conqueror
Hey guys. Anyone know or have a list of Seong Mi-na combos for SCII by any chance? It looks like they've been playing that game in side-tournaments on the EC here. Even if no one has combos, can any of the SCII vets point me in the right direction with using her? Which of her arsenal is good? Is she crummy-tier in that game too?

If anyone can help me out, I'd be much obliged. :sc4min1: