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Bored, feel like making a good old casual thread.

If I were to mod the game I'd make these changes to make the game more fun:

let 8WR moves be done without having to go through 10 frames of movement
backdash -18
back walk not unsafe
forward step/run not unsafe (it's like -2 or -4 or something in SCV)
sidestep -12
Allow crouching without guarding during unsafe frames

A+K (the flash) gets more range on the attack part, making it usable in like in SCII
SCII 1A series
All spin JF series recover 100% of the time
6A replaced with the classic Mitsurugi style 6A
SCIV 4A+K moves, based on timer again
faster stance cancels and transitions
4B+K sidestep is invincible i4-8

SCIV Relic stance and Mist 6B back in
2KB meterless knockdown (still launch punishable!)
improved SCII half moon death moves
6B:2 changed to a late timing JF
SCIV b:A natural combo
SCIV k:B natural combo
i236(B) glitch back in

214:6 teleport back in
SCIV 22B pickup
214:K instant slide
8A+B:BT B+K back in

Cancellable 44B
Moves that cancel into slower moves are also guard cancellable
add Xianghua's SCIV 66B+K
AAB third hit G cancel
SCIV Xianghua crouch grabs

BK string, like Sophitia's, but the K tracks both sides and stuns
AK string, K launches
BB delayable

Some ground pickup move
UB hug, 3B and 44B charges may be released at any point
214A has more mobility before startup
Cancellable charged bullrush
Bullrush knocks down

Kilik FC 3B
Kilik Asura Dance
Kilik WR B
Kilik command grabs out of REM
Kilik i14 aB
SCII Mina bA / SCIV Mina 66A

Alpha Patroklos:
Nothing changed, but combo starters no longer start combos but launch the opponent far away and do the same damage they would have done with the optimal combo

SCIV Cassandra crouch grabs
In fact just make her Cassandra


And I'm bored again. You do the rest. Be sure to replace Natsu with Taki.
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System-wide I would get rid of JG and clean hit, and make movement safer like you said. Would also fix all the retarded hurtboxes (mainly both Pats, they have some really stupid shit)

Character specific I would give Siegfried better movement. It feels unintuitive for a spacing character to have such mediocre movement.

There's probably more I would do but I don't want to spend the time thinking it all out lol


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All spin JF series recover 100% of the time
4B+K sidestep is invincible i4-8
I'd like the option where if you hold it, he spins all the way behind the opponent. (It can consume more life)

For system differences I'd change

Red Just Gaurd
  • Increase the amount of health for activation time to .5 of your yellow life span. (At the cost of 1 meter)
It would be interesting to see how the tides if battles change.

Also, we don't see red jg often enough.