SCVI Ivy's Move Analysis


[08] Mercenary
I read the notation topic just now, but a newbie question, what does lowerbase bA mean? Is it a slide input from B to A?
Yes, it´s :b-small::A:. It's a super fast slide from B (vertical) to A (horizontal) and you make a fast horizontal attack with a pretty decent range that stuns if counter.

I discovered a magnificent combo by accident today, 88, SE 6B, 4B7, 214B I tried to do it again a 3 more times but could not get timing correct for the 4b7 to hit after the se 6b haha. Anyone else pull this off?

Also a few other things I made a note of to share:
3k and 4a are great for people in your face.
6AB, 6AK, 6BB, SE 4A, and while rising are nice windows to buffer SS
If 6AA is not blocked, it puts the opponent in perfect position for 2A+G
8A+BB also puts them in position for 3A+G
9B+K tracks rolling opponents, some just try to keep rolling an you can keep hitting them haha
If you prefer to keep your opponent at a distance, after lethal hit 22_88A you can instead do 88 into 4[A] 8B+K or 8A+BB instead of the 6KB 1K follow up
Fantastic! I can't wait to hop in to training mode in 19 days and see this for myself. Love you!