SCVI Maxi Edits


[04] Fighter
Here I made his SC2 2p


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Fu-ma's Shadow
Maxi as a kung fu protagonist you'd see in something like martial arts movie, where he competes in a grand tournament to prove he's the best. May remind of you of a certain martial artist...


Surprisingly, his default pants and sash lent itself the best to this concept, and all I needed to do was add a few things and color them appropriately.


[14] Master
Seiryuu Maxi


Notes: Went for a typical Maxi 2P. Inexplicable blond hair, showing off them pecs, general martial artist look. I gave him green pants as a reference to his SC1 alt but left his hair messy, showing that this take on Maxi is more vengeance-driven. And then I added the usual scarf he gets for a pop of color to match his sash.


[09] Warrior
Been dressing up our boi as anime characters because I'm a fucken weeb.

Hair colour doesn't display properly in creation (also forgot to hide controls, oops)


Thought the cockiness suited 'em.

Space Dandy / Space Maxi / Sea Dandy
Tried to do the best with what we have.
Also, of course the big ol' star is on his back

So. These'll all probably look trash if you don't know what it's trying to recreate, Oh well :^)


[09] Warrior
Ay yo what's up 8wayrun, it's y' boi Derocus here.
Comin' atcha with another 'I-just-dress-Maxi-up-as-my-other-favourite-characters-instead-of-making-a-CaS' outfit.

Cutthroat Kano


There was an attempt. But it only gives me so many stickers, man. I need more STICKERS.


[09] Warrior
Hello. Me again.

I tried to make Mad Maxi, but I wasn't happy with how much the top didn't look like a leather jacket.

So I made apocalyptic Maxi instead.

Here's a close-up of the 'gas-mask'
It's just a heart and demon horns.


[09] Warrior
My own interpretation of a 2P outfit for Maxi, since he doesn't have one in SCVI.


This was originally going to be an older take on Maxi. It was to make him look like a wandering monk looking for inner peace, much like how Kilik is. It's a concept I still want to revisit, so this design is subject to change as I think more and more about it.

One thing I kept from the old concept was the the hair, while still bleached blonde, is disheveled and desaturated more than his 2P outfits traditionally are. It makes him look angrier and restless, but it can also be re-contextualized as Maxi focusing more on his training than his looks. Whatever the case, I liked how it looked, so I kept it.

Admittedly, the patterns are something haphazardly thrown on to add a little extra to the outfit. I was more focused on the colors, since I wanted to go with the palette used in his SC1 2P because it's more visually striking than the black & red of later games. However, the inner lining of the Redemption Long Stole can't be changed, so that bit of purple throws off the outfit. I tried to deemphasize this by pairing the outfit with the Tetsuryu and making the shoes a similar-but-paler shade to make it seem more of a "cold grey" than "purple" but it doesn't quite work as well as I wanted.

I like the idea of it, but revisions are in order.