SCVI Mitsurugi Edits


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Mitsu as if the SE corrupted him instead Siegfried, essentially a "Nightmare" version of Mitsu


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I like how you replicated the gurd. Lets hope that ítem returns in one of the a free update I mean, it would be really cheap if returning ítems were part of the paid DLC

EDIT: JESUS! That oni Mitsurugi is really impressive. Wich sticked did you use?


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EDIT: JESUS! That oni Mitsurugi is really impressive. Wich sticked did you use?

I'm not at home i can't check, but for sure i spammed a lot the kiss-lipstick set big and i remember i used once on the arm the green-blue stylized tree to simulate the dark infected veins on the hand/arm.
The white part of that one (the roots) end up on the shoulder, but is covered by the fake shoulder muscle i did with 3D item (heart)


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@Tael I adore your Arabian Mitsu. Beautiful colors, lots of fun. I also love how you replaced the straw in his SC2 3P's mouth with what looks to be a fat j. Spark up, Mitsurugi!

@Gatsu Fantastic. Your pattern/sticker choices for his clothing are second to none. And again, Nightmarugi is godlike.

@KeJo Your bearded Mitsu with the gourd looks pristine. His outfit is so concise and well put together! Clever use of the vine stickers. Taking notes on that one.

Here's my first Mitsu edit: Sakura Mitsurugi

Wanted to give him something a little more elegant. You may have already seen this in my gallery but what the hey, wanted to add to the collection we got going here.


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I made a few.
I started this one off trying to make an something inspired by his soul blade outfit without actually recreating it and just ended up with something way off base. It's extremely simple but I think that's when Mitsurugi is at his best.

surfs up dude


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@Gaahl Whoah these are sick, ESPECIALLY that first one. Awesome color palette, I love the design on his waste cloth(?), and I'm absolutely in awe of that hairpiece. Brilliant way to use feathers. What did you use for the gold piece?