SCVI Nightmare Edits


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Share your self-made outfits for Nightmare here!
For edits of the base character only. Thank you :)
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by @NZerker12


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SCII 2P and SCIV 2P respectively. I expected nothing less of the badassness of those two (though Sieg-mare is more iconic to me)!

P.S: A bit of a disclaimer but you guys are going to see me commenting in CaS threads A LOT since it's my most favorite thing in the series😂


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II-2P: Had something like that in mind, maybe with elements of the identity’s V 2P. Probably giving him the Malfested Kilik hair too...

IV-2P: Good use of the horns. Maybe use a leathery texture (Ethnic I believe) to add that extra oomph.


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Tormented Nightmare



Notes: Knowing that the Haunted Long hairstyle was available, what better way to put it to use than to put it on Nightmare? Otherwise I used his SCV 2P design are my main model, while modifying it to use more of Siegfried's colors as opposed to totally-not-Raphael. Not feeling it was complete, I decided to give him a muzzle by doctoring up Astaroth's mask-thing with horns to make it look connected. Add the Dvapara-Yuga to not make all shirtless, mutant armed Nightmares look the same and thus I have this design. I wanted to make his hair orange to represent the transition to red hair in SCII, but the highlights used in the hairstyle were good enough.