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My version of Talim's SC2 bonus costume



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Talim's pretty fun to make outfits for. I've never been so happy to have this annoying little munchkin in a game before.

As of right now, the only outfit I'm comfortable with showing off is this: a simple outfit for Talim that I designed to be a bit more martial arts focused, while still retaining her color palette and the airiness of her outfits this far.

I like all of the individual pieces of Seong Mi-na's outfit, but don't like how they come together. The Seong Shawl and Seong Loincloth look very cute on Talim. The dark blue accent came from a want to accentuate the V shape of the shawl without drawing attention away from the necklace and being too homogeneous with using red/green/white because all of those colors were already being used (and I felt black would look too out of place for a cheery character). I'm not 100% convinced on it, but it serves it's purpose well enough.
This outfit was originally going to use the Tonfa weapon, but the gold accents of the Dancer's Breastplate paired well with the Side Harpe more than I was expecting and it stuck. I even added a bit of gold on her legs to accentuate it further.


A closer look at the gradient of her pants, which are supposed to subtly emulate a grassy field, and the pattern (eastern 12) on her ribbons, that I felt perfectly emulated a swirling wind.

Overall, I like this outfit a lot, and it's usually my go-to when I occasionally get the urge to play this game.

I have some other Talim alts in the pipeline, but they are old, unfinished and/or ugly at the time of this posting.


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Since Talim is my main in SC6, this means I need to make sure she has many outfits to wear.

One of the outfits I had in mind for Talim split into multiple versions. The original idea was an exercise to base an outfit on items and patterns I don't use too often, which leads us to these.
Short slops look like oversized bloomers, which look pretty cute on small characters Talim and Amy, so I figured that would be a good place to start. I settled on dark blue-mers with western 19 and pairing them with leggings or long-boots with a reddish-brown western 12 pattern and things kinda stopped there for a while because I couldn't decide on what to do afterward.




  • Honestly, I don't like the use of the warrior's belt here, but it was the only hip item that was large enough to hide the clipping of the country tunic and short slops. I still like as an accent to break up all the blue, but I really could've gone for a wide sash or something. Unfortunately, patterns on metal objects still look odd to me.
  • The green ceremonial sleeves were the last things I added. I knew I wanted some yellow accents on her arms to compliment the purity knit hair ribbon, but I was struggling with a secondary color. I decided on green because of Talim's green tint on her hair that she has on her default design, which I also used here.
  • The cut of the seong sarong combines really well with the cyclone boot sandals and I'm surprised I've never seen it before. I was going to originally use the gladiator boots, but they were too thin and bulky for my liking.
  • I used crescent moon as a hairband because I didn't like how badly the zephyr hair accessory clipped with the purity knit hairstyle, and I didn't want to change it so late into the design.




  • battle maid outfit i guess???
  • The sanctified leotard is what made me separate the two outfits. It was a happy accident when I was throwing stuff together but I love how it looks here. I love how the metal collar and cyclone necklace combine to make an ornate neck piece with minimal clipping.
  • Also, in quite possibly the best example of clipping working in my favor, the metal straps at the stomach sync perfectly with the parlor blouse, making it look like accented pockets or something. I feel like it adds a bit of class to the design.
  • Unfortunately, not sold on the color of the sanctified leotard. I felt that any color other than the off-white I went with would throw off the color palette, but I still think there's a better option somewhere.

I absolutely adore the cyclone necklace. I wouldn't call it my favorite item in SC6's CAS, but it manages to sneak it's way into every Talim outfit I make.

As an aside, please let me know if the colored text for the in-game item names and patterns are annoying or not. I tend to use the official names for items (which gets annoying when talking about the same item with different names in multiple games) and I decided to color it this time because I think it helps to communicate what I'm trying to do with an outfit, but I don't know if it actually does or if it just looks dumb.


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cyclone necklace
Honestly, Talim just isn’t Talim if she’s not wearing it. It would be like Amy not wearing lace and boots or Rock without some sort of dead animal adornment.

And I like your highlighting the items, adds a bit of flair. :sc2tal1:


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Hardly an original idea, but it had to be done, and I'm surprised that I, days late, am the first to post this.












I made the stylistic decision to let Talim keep some of her signature items, as you can see, in her earrings, necklace, and leg wrappings. You can't see them, but she's also wearing her underwear, and I've recolored all of these items to be more in-line with Nakoruru, using reds and blues and whites instead of Talim's typical golds and greens and reds. I almost had Talim's vest/sleeves added too, but decided it clashed the idea too much, while the rest of the items are far more subtle. Overall, she turned out to my liking, it's just too bad that Mamahaha is a static figure and doesn't actually do anything. I'm not even saying she should have been like 2B's pod and had bonus attacks like weapons in Tekken or anything (though that could be cool, thinking about it...), just something simple, like flapping wings or flying about occasionally, I dunno. It's just a little unsettling for a floating static object.


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Rats, beaten to the punch. However, Talim is the only girl who should ever wear Nakoruru's outfit. That I will stand by....and she's very cute and fun to customize. To the point where I end up using her more.


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So whilst many have been dressing up Talim as Nakoruru, which I get, I decided to go a different route… and dress her up as Iroha. 😏 Honestly if I hadn't noticed that Iroha's butterfly swords were so similar to Talim's elbow blades, the thought wouldn't have occurred to me:


Granted, it is amusing to have petite lil Talim cosplaying as curvy Iroha, though it'd be nice to be able to include the feathery shoulder protrusions and to make the butterfly antennas wider to better fit the bow (or otherwise having to shrink the bow too small).


At least that new, dual-striped sticker made it easier to recreate the bandages on Iroha's left ankle… why does she have that, anyway?


I mean birds and wind are connected, right? Technically? Still, this'll likely remain the number three costume behind Earth-chan and Sakura.
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Here is a Talim schoolgirl. I actually used the traditional Thai school uniforms as inspiration for the colors of this costume. (Yes, I know that Talim is Filipino, not Thai, but this is the color scheme I wanted.)





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Here's one that I'm super excited about! I recreated Talim's SC2 2P costume. I put a lot of thought into it and strongly considered using Cassandra's SC4 tunic for this, but it just didn't look right, and I instead went with Xianghua's dress. This one was a lot of fun, and I especially love her little hairpiece.






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It's time for some Talim 2P's. This first one has coloration based off of her SC4 kitty costume, but is obviously not a recreation. I was just inspired by the colors! I noticed after the fact that it also looks very similar to her SC2 concept art (shown below), but I didn't have that in mind while making it. It would be a fun recreation project though.





Next I have two witch Talims, one light and one dark. I don't normally use makeup on the default cast other than Ivy and Tira, but I had to for these costumes. It was just too cute to pass up. I included closeups of the makeup.










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After watching Maximilian Dood play through the new Avengers game I decided to give Talim a "Ms. Marvel" cosplay, which seemed appropriate considering I had already dressed up one of my custom characters, the brooding vamp, Den Blüdsoul, as "Captain Marvel":


The chainmail was the only underwear I thought came close to matching the length of Kamala's sleeves, so I tried to "muffle" it with the scale pattern — the intent was to go with a kind of 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder look.


Getting those stickers at the end of her scarf was such a pain in the ass… but hopefully worth it!


While I'm still playing on the Xbox One I recently picked up an Elgato HD60 S capture device, making it much easier to rapid-click screenshots; I really liked this clash between Talim and Den.


Granted, now that I've made this, I'm thinking of swapping it out for a "Darna" cosplay…




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Well, here it is, the "Darna" cosplay I previously mentioned; I thought it was appropriate since they're both Filipina, although it once again makes me wish the pattern in the Seong Loincloth wasn't built-in (considering the other option would hover around her waist):


So looking back at my YouTube history it looks like my first introduction to Darna was an episode of the Cinema Snob, "Darna Vs. The Planet Women".


I'm starting to think I should start using different weapons for Talim's costumes instead of just the tonfa over and over…


Still, it's fortunate the game has the Feathers of Strength; although it'd be nice if those star stickers wouldn't stretch so much towards the bottom of her top…


I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Basic 1 pattern allowed for a circular design atop the bolt accessory, letting it stand out.

EDIT: I didn't notice it at the time, but a portion of the Thief's Bandana clipped through the Feathers of Strength, so I've altered the length of the Feathers in the formula on my site — a shame I didn't see this until after I took these screenshots… and uploaded a video of her to YouTube…
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