SCVI Talim Edits


[06] Combatant
Well, here it is, the "Darna" cosplay I previously mentioned; I thought it was appropriate since they're both Filipina, although it once again makes me wish the pattern in the Seong Loincloth wasn't built-in (considering the other option would hover around her waist):

So looking back at my YouTube history it looks like my first introduction to Darna was an episode of the Cinema Snob, "Darna Vs. The Planet Women".

I'm starting to think I should start using different weapons for Talim's costumes instead of just the tonfa over and over…

Still, it's fortunate the game has the Feathers of Strength; although it'd be nice if those star stickers wouldn't stretch so much towards the bottom of her top…

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Basic 1 pattern allowed for a circular design atop the bolt accessory, letting it stand out.

EDIT: I didn't notice it at the time, but a portion of the Thief's Bandana clipped through the Feathers of Strength, so I've altered the length of the Feathers in the formula on my site — a shame I didn't see this until after I took these screenshots… and uploaded a video of her to YouTube…
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