SCVI Talim Edits


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Gentle Breeze Talim

Notes: Pardon the belly window! My original plans were more belly dancer-ish, but it looked totally inappropriate and unsuitable for her character. The Prayer Sleeves were just begging to be put on Talim. I regret making her wear a recolored set of her typical sandals, but footwear is sadly quite limited. It's a shame that the pants to me look like childish pajamas but I wanted to cover her up and Taki already had the Slops. The head accessory is a set of reversed Kitty Ears as a reference to some of her SCII designs. I'd hate to say it, but I feel she looks adorable in this outfit.
Quite possibly my favorite Talim edit thus far. Suits her really well, and I love the overall color scheme. Nicely done!


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Another quick and (very) silly roster edit: Magical Witch Talim! Had the idea for Halloween but never got around to making it, so I decided to toss something together before work the other day. Wanted something as delicate and ribbon-y as possible, complete with the obligatory, unreasonably-short anime girl skirt. I'll probably go back and make further edits later, probably involving removing the hat and doubling down on the magi-girl theme. And... maybe trying to find a way to make the top less revealing. But, the short, swishy skirt certainly goes with the wind theme...





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I improved satyr Talim a bit, now her face doesn't look as creepy as before. Although it leaves an small gap on the back of her neck, but doesn't show too much, and could be covered with some neckwear

Also. Sophitalim...I know is not a big thing dress her as another charácter and call it a day but...I think looks cute.



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Looking over the new gear, I'm not really sure why, but when I saw the beanie and sunglasses, I just felt like they really needed to go on Talim.

So here's a modernish looking Talim with a flower motif:

I feel like she came out looking about like I had envisioned her in my mind, putting to use one of my favorite female customization items, too, in the Goth Skirt, combined with one of the few items it actually meshes with, the Leather Tunic, which happens to come with a very fine belt, which would be wonderful to have as a separate item, but it goes so well with this setup, I'll leave that complaining for another day.

CaS veterans may recognize the Cheek Swirls from SoulCalibur III, and I always kinda wanted to put them on Talim back then, but it wasn't an option, and as I was putting on final touches, the idea crossed my mind, and here we are. I think they look fantastic on her, really adds a bit more charm. I had kind of a yin and yang idea going on with her, putting roses on her right side, and daisies/lilies on her left side. This comes together in the wind motif bow she's wearing in the front, which mixes the two colors used for the flowers in a tight embrace.

Otherwise, I played to Talim's existing color scheme of green, white, and red, using wind patterns as well, and I thought the tree leaves and sakura branch combination on her back looked nice too. It was actually the first design I put in, before settling on the flowers, but it still felt relevant, so I kept it. I wanted to do a little bit more with her shoes, but I didn't have enough sticker slots to do so. The last thing I did was invert the colors on her "Savage" weapon, to make it a bit more savage with what looks like bloody tips, but really, I was using my flower colors, it just happened to work out that way.


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Talim's been all over the world, so she knows full well that the Earth isn't flat!

Due to the lack of Latin alphabet stickers (and sticker space in general), I figured the rounded portions of the "3" and "5" could represent the "A" in "NASA," while the angular portion of "3" could also represent the "N." Fortunately the tattoo sticker Tira came with works great for the red trail in their logo …and thanks for Tira's SCIV 2P hair for sticking around!
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Here are some of my Talim edits.

Princess Talim.

I actually love how the dress and the crown actually match well together. Talim looks good in warm colors and it makes her look really elegant.


I never knew Talim had this waving animation and it took me months to discover it. So cute.


Speedy Talim.

Made this only to see what looked good on her and again brown looks good on Talim.


Heavenly Talim.
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Nakoruru Talim. This is how you dress Talim into a good girl! You dress her modestly with style!

Design notes: Started off making CAS Nakoruru outfit, but modified it to fit Talim more. Added some make-up to enhance how cute she is.



More pics of her....

These pics are purposely made to show her off in action. No spoilers needed for this!


One of my favorite customs because it just suits Talim very well in my opinion. Probably a custom I won't ever delete.
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