SCVI Xianghua Edits


[14] Master
Sword-Dancer Xianghua

Notes: She was the hardest of the returning cast for me to decide a design for that didn't look too much like her 1Ps. SCII did some odd stuff with the characters' designs I guess since Xianghua's makeup and headdress never showed up again. I knew those elements needed to make their return. Didn't want to do another black and I prefer her in pink. I wanted her in capris, but Mi-Na already had them. The Sleeveless Unitard was another idea I had so I could give her tights but I couldn't get the legs at a length I wanted them to be at. I was trying to avoid showing too much leg until I remembered IV had both her outfits show some. I thought she looked best in shorts, but really wanted the tights too. So I compromised. Overall a combination of her SCII 1P and SCIV 2P I guess.