SCVI Xianghua Edits


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Xianghua with Tira's hair look so hottest! good thing that SCV have Tira's hairs so i might will try it for my Xianghua SCV CaS!


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My Xianghua alt. You check out the rest of my alts in my thread here if you're interested.





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Xianghua is beauty and that is all you fine people need to know.

Mistress Xianghua


"Hey, Kilik."


"Do you like what you see?"


"Does this please you? 😘"

Goddess Xianghua

So I went with a plant theme and I like it. I think the makeup makes Xianghua look good.




Cat Girl Xianghua


This one is very simple, but this is my most favorite alt I made for her.


In all honesty Xianghua looks good in brown. Seeing how this game restricts you from coloring most equipment against the skin be colored in brown I choose the western 12 pattern (hope that is correct) to 'bypass' it. This gives her a classy yet sexy look.


I think I should get some praise for adding that ring on that cat ear and a tattoo on her hip lol.


Mmm, that is it for now. Hope you enjoyed


[14] Master
So prior to this week's season pass 2 drop, I've been playing Shenmue III, kinda felt obligated to make outfits for Kilik and Xianghua styled after Ryo and Shenhua. They didn't come out perfect, but I like them well enough to share!

Here's XIanghua, who I had more than a little trouble getting her tied sash belt just right. Of course it would just be too easy if the Training Belt cooperated, but even if it did, the tied knot wouldn't properly be over to the side, so I improvised with the new frilly maid headband accessory and made my own belt with a tied ribbon. The stickers to represent her flower embroidery on her handmade clothes isn't exactly right, nor is the neckline of her shirt, but... work with what you've got, you know? All things considered, I like the end result. Not perfect, but which cosplay is?

Edit: Not sure why, but a few of the pictures weren't uploading properly to the post. Worked fine externally, just weren't posting right. Finally got it all sorted out.
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