Seong Mi-na General Discussion/Q&A Thread

3AA is a really nice set up into literally anything you want......6K.B is a sweet move after launchers. 8A+B is a pretty phat step killer and knockdown. 2A+K is perfect for whiff punishing as is 4B. Her post GI game is as strong as anyone's. Really one could go on for ever........just......mina fans get hyped!!!!!!
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Been messing around with the game since I got my PS2 working.

While this won't be useful, I like how full soul charge turns 8A+B into an unblockable. Mid, horizontal, fast unblockable. 7_8_9B becoming one too is also cool.

Gonna take some getting used to that 3B doesn't launch at tip though.

Also, since I've been hearing this will likely be based on the PAL version (unfortunately), what are the Mina/Kilik doom kicks I'm reading of?
I don't know how to do the Doom Kicks.

In all honesty, whiff punishing is much harder to do in this game. No tip range launch isn't a big deal in my experience. Once you get used to the sweet spot for 3B, you can just use it as your primary attack.
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Aight, I finally downloaded the game and did the necessary playthrough for Weapon Master mode to unlock Mi-na (after 1 hour of raging against a total bullshit AI). After I'm done devouring this tuna sandwitch, I will start poking around in training mode and find stuff. Start posting, dudes!
I'm gonna fill out the wiki framework in the next couple of days.

I don't have the frame data, of course... but, this way is better for looking at moves and testing them than flipping back and forth through the movelist ingame.

Ivy's got a lot of range... and Nightmare does too. I don't think I can pure turtle/snipe like I wanted to... or at least not in those matchups.

44B doesn't seem like the same move as SCIV FC 1B does it?

Also, Ivy's 4A+B glitch unblockable... does 19 damage. But what is the health bar set to?
I don't know if 19 is a lot.
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I managed to go through the entire horizontal list, and I'm burned out after extensive study of each move. I'll get to verticals and kicks tomorrow. Here's my 2 cents so far:


This is her most standard horizontal poke, 18 frames or so. Against experienced opponents this must be used sparingly because it's exploitable inbetween by crouching or GI. If you manage to snag a CH with AA, the entire string is free and you get a massive damage opportunity. I'll get on those post-launcher options later. AA by itself is a NC no matter what and, like most moves I've delved into so far, is advantage frames enough that 3B will take a huge shit on any retaliation by your opponent.


This puts Mi-na directly on either side of her opponent corresponding to whatever direction you push. If AA hits and you chose to do this, she's at negative frames. This likely means that the 2 or 8 direction change is punishable if AA is blocked. They might not attempt this if they respect the B ender. I would, however, expect them to react to her sidehop and take the initiative. So anyway, the only logical use I can see for this is getting yourself out of a corner or edge!


When you don't know what move to use up close, use this one. This is fast, stops step, is completely safe, pushes out, and gives a few advantage frames unlike her future version of this same move. However, future Mi-na eventually gets it right by making 6AK a mid-high instead of a high-high. Other than that, it's really good.


Although this move is decent, I'm not too keen on it for 2 reasons; one, it has some trouble tracking to a particular side. Two, the ideal distance you'd want to use it (right at the tip of the blade), does HALF the damage it would if you used it up close. So, 23 damage at tip, 46 at point blank. If you're facing an opponent who likes to step around more than hit lots of attack buttons, this move will serve you well. It knocks down, but an instant back tech will move the opponent far out of range for any workable followups. Yes, even her range.


This is great! It has the good ol' issue of tracking to that problem side....unless used at tip range. And that's all you need out of this move - it covers a ton of distance and knocks the opponent down. It even rings out forward-right.


Now it might not be the cheesy "STFU and stop doing shit" style 2A that most characters have, but I'll gladly trade that for an almost unseeable safe tracking low that is significant advantage on hit. Keep in mind that this leaves her in crouch, but your go-to options like 2K and 6AK are still doable from that position. And throws, don't forget her throws! Oh and get this - this low actually rings out forward and slightly to the right if the opponent is
right up on a ring edge.


Errr, well, this is just like 2A except it does a few points less of damage. It looks faster though and I think it can be done from FC. Gives advantage just like 2A.


This is, without a doubt, one of the most important moves in her arsenal. No matter what you do, however style you prefer to play - you should use this to be a complete mother fucker. Forget about the fact that it chips them low for damage - the important thing is that this move avoids most shitty situations. If your opponent finds a way to hard counter it, see what you can do to throw it back in their face. Anyway, this move can sometimes be caught by fast moves that would otherwise miss, and it actually doesn't track well (if at all) to one side, so your opponent can simply step to that direction and close the gap unharmed. Thing is, they might not be able to whiff punish you because of the silly recovery in this game. If this move hits, you are at neutral frames with distance between you and your opponent.


Only good thing about this move is the very large delay window between the mid and low. Might be able to force hesitation that way? Otherwise, them jumping it everytime makes that whole mess pointless. Just use it once in a while if you want to draw laughter from bystanders.

A+B Series

Good god, I don't know where to start on this one. I'm not too sure, but there seems to be some use for this due to the fact that A+BA+B and A+BA have different GI timing unlike the versions I was used to. A+BAB is even cancellable, so......I dunno. I don't wanna rule it out as crappy, yet I can't see myself using it over anything else. I think the general idea would be to switch between A+BaA and A+BAB. A+BaA hits mid while A+BAB thwarts a GI attempt. One gives you advantage and the other knocks down.


Everyone knows this as the favorite move of Kilik and Xiba scrubs, but Mi-na's version is some pretty hot shit. The cancelled version does two pokes followed by almost zero recovery and good plus frames on hit. If you chose not to cancel? No problem! Five pokes come out and can't be GI'd, just guarded, or stepped inbetween. Anyone who chooses to attack you after two pokes in the hopes that they'll catch you trying to cancel risks getting knocked down with no option to tech. If this move gets CH from poke 1, it's a combo. Careful though - this move is indeed linear and if you are stepped without cancelling in time, you're wide open.


One of the better lows she has. Either version nets you similar damage with comparable wakeup scenarios. Not sure if Project Soul fixed it or not, but breaking this low gives enough frames for 3B to be free. These lows aren't the fastest out there, but they can catch step and aren't horrifically unsafe. Use 1A+B for back ring outs.


This is ideal for catching duckers. Start with a 4A+B input and watch their face get pounded on. Then, you have the option to push B as early as 3 swipes, and that's what you'll need to do for the natural combo. For best results, do not opt for the last B finisher. Instead, wait for Mi-na to land and then 3B them immediately. If you choose not to do any B's after 4A+B, they'll take some good damage and be left standing at disadvantage.


I never thought I'd say this, but this move is shitty like it's predecessor. Has major whiffing issues up close, not good at all on block, and doesn't have any tech crouch frames at all as far as I can tell. Only use this at the furthest range possible. Still yields good results in terms of knockdown and surprise factor. And yeah yeah, rings out forward.


I can't quite tell if this move is bad on block. Anyone hailing from Greece should have no problem punishing it whatever the range. Like 8A+B, this is a move you wanna use only at the furthest possible distance. Knocks down really far, mid, tracks full, tech jumps, and looks so haaaaaawwwwwwtt.


Oh man, this is the POWER SHOT. Fast enough to fit in the GI window. But you wanna be careful throwing this out there because it's all just a bunch of highs. As stated, post GI is the way to go. 123 points of damage when comboed with 6BB. As good as this move is, it's actually quite messy and unreliable in terms of hitboxes and shit. If your opponent is off axis even a little bit because of stage limitations and such, it won't combo full and 6BB will get blocked off the ground or whiff completely. With experience, you should get a sense for when this will happen. And when it does, there isn't much you can do except just 3B them grounded for a bit of damage. But when it works properly, you've taken half a bar. If you do it near the edge, use 3B for a ring out.

3A+K Series

Tell ya what, this is a good one. 3A+K by itself has pretty good range for a sudden move and pushes out a ton on hit - ideal range for clever moves like bA and 6B2. The A and K followups? Welp, use them at your own risk. They both catch step but are hardly mixup material since they are both slow.


Without a critical finish system, this very slow horizontal low is next to useless save for one scenario - it's a safer option for post GI (6A+K can be ducked if late). They would have to jump it on reaction in order to make you pay for doing it, and nobody labs Seong Mi-na enough to do that crap! Anyway, this combos with 3B for 63 damage. You're potentially cutting your damage in half post GI, but also cutting that risk in half too.


This is a straight up sneaky vertical low. And not only is it sneaky in the game, it's sneaky by not being in the command list! Not as much range or damage as 6B2, but it's quicker. Hits grounded too; sometimes it hilariously scoops them up off the ground and flicks them across the ring. Before you ask, no, it cannot ring out this way. I've already tried!


aA is awesome. Waaaaaaaaayyy better and safer to use than AA, and definitely looks faster. While it's two highs like AA, she flings both out so quick that there's no way for them to exploit inbetween. It gives just as much advantage on hit, and has an ender which pushes back far and has potential to ring out forward. Though, it's looks very difficult to CH confirm this full string, unlike AAB which is easier.


Before she figured out how to put this one together with her 6AK, it was used as a "cancel" for her 3A. Unless you're playing on stick, you may have trouble getting this out as fast as possible without shifting your binds around. As far as properties go, it's a good move up close; reasonably fast if done properly and mid horizontal. However, it doesn't leave the ideal plus frames she wants after hit, which means 3B won't stuff AAs and 2As. It has the ability to push back on CH but only when the opponent is caught attacking; not during step. Definitely use it to keep people in check, but remember that when you're looking for the real damage, you've got bigger guns.

22A Series

I personally have never been able to differentiate between enders on this, so I'm figuring this is a legit mixup. 22A on it's own is good because it covers step full. Now 22AB has a cancel, and it kinda makes me laugh a bit when I see it because she takes a huge fucking step back. God forbid you'd be close enough to, you know, maybe throw them? If you use 22A enough, you might bait something from your opponent that's to your liking.


OH MY GOD. THIS. MOVE. A safe mid that covers a ton of range and all step. Plus, it has evasive properties to it including a tech crouch. Spam this move like it's going out of style because in her case, it eventually did!


I need to look into this one more. I first had it pegged as a silly move, but then I noticed something when fooling around with the cancel. If you just do the move without it, it's two attacks and it piles up to 43 damage total, not even a combo. Now, use the cancel and the first attack HITS TWICE in a row for 40 damage plus a billion advantage frames. Try it in training mode and you'll see. More on this one later!


Ok, that's it for now. I'll post this in the general strat thread where everyone can see it. If you have anything to add, please do so and I'll gladly update whatever I have to.
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All I know so far is that the guard break version of this gives a ton of frames. 4B and 6B2 can't be blocked, and up close shit like 6A+K works. That tells me that there's possibly a bit of potential in what you can set up after this move is blocked. Only problem is, how the hell are you going to get people to block it in the first place?! It's really cute to use the cancel and possibly self RO if you wanna throw the match. Refrain from using unless your opponent is really clueless.
Worked on verticals today. Unless I get the urge to play MLB 13 The Show after dinner, I'll wrap up the rest of her movelist tonight.

BB, 2B

There's nothing special about BB. It's GIable inbetween and doesn't combo without a CH, so trying to force situations with this as far as baits and shit is going to be difficult. That is, unless, you use 2B. 2B does 26 damage (more than B's 20), and puts her in FC allowing the use of cool moves like WR A. People aren't really going to be able to tell the difference on whether you used B or 2B either.

6BB, 6BA

6BB at least looks like it should be NCC, but it rarely works properly. Not like you need it anyway - you have better options. Just keep it in reserve as the combo ender to 6A+K. 6BA isn't too good either. Doesn't give any sort of pushout on hit and it's negative frames. If 6BB did work properly, I'd say use it as a backstep catcher.


SCOOPS! A quick ranged vertical low that does a solid 30 damage. If it gets a CH, they fall flat on their face. Also, no matter what range you score a hit with this, it's enough plus that 3B frame traps. This move is also great for oki in many knockdown situations where ankle throws and 3B aren't in range for the sweet spot. Everytime you nail this one, make sure you yell out "SHOVEL!".


I guess you could call this an all-purpose, or I-don't-know-what-to-throw-out-so-I'll-just-do-this type of move. It does a lot of things; hits grounded, is pretty fast, tracks a bit, forces crouch on hit, and has a nifty CH combo with 3B. One thing is for sure - it has deceptively good range. If you're running head on at your opponent like a rhino, this is a good option to use. Very reliable.


Everyone raves about this one. It's actually atrocious how good this move is. It's the standard attack option that anyone and everyone should be using, and by using I mean spam the absolute shit out of it. Safe. Pushes out. Hits grounded. Free high damaging combos on launch along with great oki options. Mix this up with lows and throws up close. The only thing you'll need to get the hang of on this one is where the sweet spot is. It will not launch at tip range, but give 28 damage and advantage. Make this your whiff punisher.

4B, 4(B)

This works well as something to use on grounded people at range. You know, the assholes that like to hit buttons on wakeup a lot? If 3B doesn't reach them, this will. Other than that, you have better and faster mids for people who are standing. You can't necessarily go wrong with this one, since it is safe and pushes out a lot. Now as for 4(B), this puts them in a guard break situation where they must GI out of any fast followups. And those followups are 66A (or bA) and 6B2. I say those because they are all that will reach in open space. If the distance closes due to a wall or edge, you can use 3B or better yet, 6K to ring them out. Be mindful that 4(B) is slow enough to be stepped or GI'd on reaction.


This isn't too bad. Longest ranged low she has and I believe wholeheartedly that it is safe due to pushout at the least. This has a tip range property, so a small difference in damage between that and a shallow hit. The results are 28 damage at tip, opponent standing. Shallow hit is 23 damage, but opponent is left in FC. Either way you're still negative on hit, and I would presume that you're going to use this at tip range more than up close. Best times to use it are when people are getting up far away - time this right and you'll make them block it. If they do, no big deal.


This is basically the B ender to her 22A as it's own move. It does 56 damage or so, has no combo but puts her in range perfectly for her oki options. 6B2, 4B, etc. Oh, and it does have that goofy cancel where she basically steps back 3 feet. How much use you can make of this move is entirely dependent on your opponent. If they're so eager to bother GIing this, the cancel will work wonders. At the very least, it's more ways to make them freeze their position. This is probably a great option for post GI near the ring edge mixed with 6K.


First and foremost, this is THE move for launcher combos. Does high damage, and leaves them at her feet with no option to tech, thus 3B is a major threat on wakeup mixed with lows. When someone is sent into the air from a 3B, WR B, 22B etc you want to wait just a split second for them to fall downward, THEN use this move. If you do it properly, they will get slammed down on the ground. If you do it too early, they'll take less damage and "float" a bit away from you. Simply figure out the timing with all the launchers in training mode. It's easy. Now as for the move itself, it's good! It tech jumps fairly quickly and tracks slightly left. When it hits, the combo is........another 6B+K for 71 damage. How about that, eh?


If you like doing poke lows and then retreating afterwards, this move does it all for you in one input. It's low damaging and negative on hit.


This....what the hell is this? There's no aGI attached to it and it's slower than the service at Pizza Hut. If someone figures out what this is for, say something please!


Here's yet another move I can't figure out what to do with. It's totally ass cheeks on block, has outrageously bad whiffing issues, and not enough damage or oki options to offset it's badness. It's just might get her out of the way of a bad situation because of the wide jumping arc it takes, but that sure is a big ass matzo ball hanging out there if you're wrong. If anyone knows something, speak up!


HELL FUCKING YEAH. This is one of the best moves in her arsenal, bar none. It's fairly quick, covers some distance, tech crouches, and has a double-over stun on CH with 4B+K. It suffers from not tracking at all to her right side, but that's fair tradeoff for all it's good points. Use it wisely spam it as much as possible.


This appears to be the most reliable aGI out of the 3. It's too hard to test with this shitty training mode, but it works on highs and throws. Sometimes it double-over stuns, sometimes not. Oh well. If it doubles over, 4B+K is the ender. But that's not all! This can also be used as an ender to launchers that sends them forward a long ways; easy for ring outs.


This move has two uses; the first is is to totally dick you you over on inputs that start with B after you wanna step. The second advancing mid that sidesteps and tech crouches. Hmmm. Might be useful if you need to get in for any reason.
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Think of this as a variation of 3B that you do from crouch. It is less damage overall, but pushes out way far on block and tech crouches full. Also, it launches at any range.


Her fastest move. You will need this every so often to stop aggression.


This is nowhere near as good as it is in 3. It aGIs verts and tech crouches, but it's hard to ultilize properly. You need to be right on the money with this one or use it against strings. Talim BBK is one that I know of, for example. It knocks back far, so use this for ring outs. Very safe on block and pushes out madly like almost every other move she's got. HINT: Opponents cannot tech after a knockdown.


This move blows, pure and simple. What's the point of using this as a mid when the 3rd and final kick can be air controlled? You have better options. Still, it has delay tricks that can be played around with the 3rd kick. Best you can do with this one is hit confirm and try to run in for mixups instead of finishing the string.


Think regular K, except mid and a bit slower. However, the nice thing is that 3K by itself pushes out really good. The 2nd K is a high and only a combo on CH. This string is not delayable.


This is your primary low of choice. It is advantage on hit and gets her hurtbox low to avoid highs and shit. There's almost never a bad time to do this. However, I think it might have issues with step. Like 2A and 1A, it sets you up in FC.


The classic Seong Mi-na low. Instantly tech crouches, covers step, and is pretty darn close to being hit confirmable, I think. 1K by itself leaves her in FC. It covers a decent amount of range, but will get you merked if you whiff. Same for if they block the entire string . As far as the opponents options go, they can tech after both variations of this move knockdown. They also have the ability to air control backwards after the full string. Keep it in your back pocket and surprise them with it in once in a while.


The absolute best thing about this move is that it's hit confirmable. The next best thing about this move is that it has a huge delay window. The sorta best thing about this move is that it is safe. The least best thing about this move is that it pushes out far. Ring out forward. Opponent can't tech after knockdown.


This is cool, but other moves take precedence over it. You can use it after a launcher, but I would recommend using 6B+K instead. I think that this would be a great option after ducking a throw if you can do it. If not, WR K works fine.


As always, her throws are really good. All of them except for B+G leave the opponent close with no teching option. If you really like grabbing people, the left side throw is 70 damage.


Ok, that's all for now. I missed a few moves, but I'm sure people will figure out stuff on their own. I will start copying this information in the general strat thread along with damage values and stuff. And combos, I'll do those too.

Guys, if you have anything to add, please do not hesitate to post up and share! :sc4min1:

One thing is for sure - it has deceptively good range.
I've hit people with this ghost range a couple of times (and it was confusing as hell to me but hey, a win's a win). I figured it out looking today.

The hitbox for 66B is not the weapon trail, but rather the blunt end of the polearm. It's hard to see unless you're really paying attention to it- but it's there. It's pretty disorienting - with Kilik's version the range is quite obvious.

Anyway, I don't know if I'm going to do a full range analysis (probably not- this game has hella moves...) but here are Mina's longest-range moves, from shortest to longest.

A "-" means they have about the same range.

66A - 11A
4B - FC 1B - 2A+K
3A - B+K
44B - 9A+B

When I really look at things... Mina seems like a mid-range character, right? As in, she wants to stay firmly in that mid range, and she has to be fairly aggressive staying in it, but she doesn't want to be so aggressive that she gets in close... but if you don't stay aggressive enough your only option is 44B, which is easily read.
Here's how I look at it; the long range moves are there to chip at characters that can zone back (Astaroth and Ivy), and the close range moves are there to protect you from getting bulldozed.

HOWEVER! Being in close is never unfavorable if you can apply her mixup material! But to answer your question, yes; mid-range attacking is her best attribute.
Just so everyone knows (and I already confirmed this with PartyWolf), those Doom Kicks indeed only work with Kilik, not Mi-na.