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What is everybody using to cause a guard break and what do ya'll use after? I play a GC game a lot of the time with Mina and I'm always unsure of what to break with and what to do after.

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What is everybody using to cause a guard break and what do ya'll use after? I play a GC game a lot of the time with Mina and I'm always unsure of what to break with and what to do after.
I typically start w/ A+B, then followup with either 2A or 2A+B. Once their health bar flashes red, I highly suggest using 22/88K to cause a guard crush, then followup with a 44A+B for a guaranteed lethal hit.


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Not sure if this is where I should post this, but does anyone know the point of the Just Frame Pogo move? 8B+K!B!B

It doesn't seem to do additional damage compared to the non just frame version and I can't see any other differences.


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it has different properties on combos I believe, but since i havent gotten the timign yet i dont know exactly what it does


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Ok thanks guys I'll try out some of that later. I've been working on the timing just didn't know how quite to implement the move yet


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JF Pogo is useful after 44A lethal hit mostly because 66KKK can whiff at max range. Fortunately the lethal hit animation gives you enough time to gauge what followup to go for.


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How do you guys deal with Groh? I feel like there are windows you can use in Sophitia, Taki, and Talim's offense (though admittedly I still get crushed by Talim....). But I feel like after Groh enters into his stance you're in a very unfavorable rock paper scissors situation.

-2A beats the multi-hit low but loses to B; doesn't work at range
-GI beats the B and the K but loses to the GB
-RE too slow, allows him to cancel stance and step

Hopefully the 6A+B change in the patch helps things a bit, but I don't think it will. Any pointers? Any good Mina streamers to watch?
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Sorry that this forum hadn't had much guidance or moderation lately. I've been busy trying to balance work/life/Calibur. Ultimately, it falls on me to ensure that this place is kept active and full of information and I haven't been doing a good job of what has been entrusted to me by GreatOne and the admins.

Slanverse, I'm going to move your post to the matchup discussion thread. Without really getting a chance to test your question about being in a stance mixup with Groh, all I can tell you at this point is that there is unlikely one good answer to beating all or most of it. You might find yourself in a position where you just have to guess and deal with it. If you know where you can 2A him out of certain transitions, it's a start.

Anyway, there has been some scuttle about a patch, and Mi-na is not going to have issues one bit. 44B+K variations getting scaled down is no big deal.


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just posting the other changes I tested already.

Not sure on the exact frames but 6a+b is safe on block now. Not sure the exact number but i10 can't punish it. It has great pushout and I'll work it in my game a little more now.

9a is safe as well, with the added bonus of giving 66[b+k] on no tech and 8a+b on any tech direction.

Other than damage nerfs to your 44b+k combos (Ws b+k suffers the most) it's business as usual.

Also in case people missed it broken 46a+g is +8 so feel free to use it at the wall/edge without caring if it's broken or not


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9A is now -8, I think. 9A > 2A clashes with Xianghua's WR A, which is i20.

EDIT: 6A+B appears to be -8 as well. 6A+B > 5K trades with Mi-na 3B, which is i20.
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9A > 8A+B > Tech trap? Nice found!

I found these changes on ver. 01.10.01:
9A and 8A is B-8 now.
7A is B-14 now.
6A+B is B-8 / H+2 / Recovery31 / Whiff49
44B+K is damage 40
(SC)44B+K is damage 48
(SC)44(B+K] is damage 57
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