[Sep 2, 2012] [SEPT 2 ,2012] 360GamingUK: SCV & UMVC3 (London, UK) (London)

Silent Joel

[12] Conqueror

Come along to a UMVC3 and Soul Calibur Tournament that we will be running on the 2nd September. Doors open 1pm-7pm, and the tournaments starts at 2:30pm prompt.
Please bring your own controllers!
  • £9.00 – Tournament plus Free play
  • £4.00 – Free play only
  • £6.00 – Online Discount – Tournament plus Free play
Format: Xbox 360


[11] Champion
I admit I was a bit concerned for the event's fate when turnouts looked small around the scheduled time, but I was very glad to see activity picking up as the event went on. I got some great sessions for SCV and got to see [and get blown up by] some ridiculous shit on UMvC3 - the game continues to surprise me even now.

Selective shoutouts time:

Amatosk - I believe we already had the pleasure of playing against each other on the 8wayrun stream the day before. Our games before the tournament started were a great start to the day, so thanks a bunch for your time.

Jesse - You definitely hammered home that I still can't cope with Viola as Aeon. And please believe me when I say I did not expect the switch to Patroklos to have such a dramatic effect on the match! Our game was probably one of the most exciting I've ever had, so a huge thanks goes to you.

Hyrul - First and foremost, thanks for spotting me wandering around Mitcham Road and herding me to the entrance to the venue itself. Your company and advice throughout the day was much appreciated, even if the result of our match kind of went as expected. Very well done for snagging the prize money, of course.

E - I suspect character knowledge issues may have had something to do with why your Alpha struggled in our match. I definitely respect your character choice, though, and I hope you continue to devote time to the game. And of course, congratulations for your high placing in the MvC3 tournament.

Chinua - It probably showed that I still really struggle with the Ivy matchup, and it didn't help that you're so strong with her. =P In hindsight, I think switching to Raphael was a tad desperate on my part for changing the pace of the match, but the games were good regardless. Congratulations on landing second place, too.

Silent Joel - I'm glad we had time to have a few games after the tournament, since there's always plenty to learn - if I've taken nothing else from our games, I know I definitely need to be less free to backstepping. Your contributions to the event have not gone amiss, either. So congratulations on placing third and kudos for getting all the results business sorted out.