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I'm looking for Siegfried pros who want to fight a scubby NM like me :D

I really enjoy fighting against a pro Siegfried over anything.

PSN: LockDownZX
friend request me!
I'm looking for Siegfried pros who want to fight a scubby NM like me :D

I really enjoy fighting against a pro Siegfried over anything.

PSN: LockDownZX
friend request me!
Well I'm certainly no pro, and I don't play that often anymore besides, but if you want some matches, I wouldn't mind giving you a few.
Okay so I found this out when I was playing with my buddy @Party Wolf.

Against Xiba, if you do FC A+G, 3B will combo if he techs in any direction.

If he plays dead, 3B whiffs.

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Heh... it's kind of a gamble whenever I go for that move. Maybe that move will come out, maybe I'll get some other 22kA string. I think successfully linking the first A and the 2 is the hard part.
Yeah - seems like hitting 2A when Sieg looks like he's back at neutralish works. Swag, thanks
Hello Wid0maker!!!

I wouldnt say never use it. firstly its horizontal GI frames activate 1 frame sooner than baseholds does. on top of that it is much easier to execute from crouch than iRCC B+K, and because iRCC still takes time, 66A still comes out faster.

on top of that the damage you get off it, isnt HORRIBLE, though it isnt great, but it does re-zone the opponent out pretty well on successful aGI, which makes it rewarding in its own sense.

its really a matter of pick your poison - do you wanna rely on stance roulette and risk of CH if your opponent guesses right? or do you wanna simply take your WR punishment and go on about life?

personally here is how i use things:

I use things like B+K ~ SBH aGI for things that i can react to. slow horizontal lows, chargeable guard crush mids like say, asta 44A, and even sometimes strings if i feel they will finish them.

I use 66A if i need an aGI from crouch, or if im under pressure and i expect a horizontal, for some other strings that B+K will either not be fast enough for, or that i need to aGI from crouch, and very rarely depending on my opponents habits, i might use it as an advancing move if i expect a horizontal.

and of course both of them can be used in an attempt to make a read on 2A mashing.

of course because it is so slow and reactable, you dont want to ever try to use it as a step kill or the like - you're just giving the opponent free damage otherwise.

but its all up to your judgement where and if this has a place in your game. personally I have found niche use for this move in the past, and so long as a proper situation presents itself, I will use it again from time to time.

I hope this helped you with everything you needed to know! ^-^ feel free to ask anymore questions you may have!
this is how feel when using this move i always look out for people using 2A alot say when im poking them or guess horizontals like after 3K or 1K even after iaga or SCH B if u can read them u can use it for sure, saying never use it is just dumb take risk people 1 more thing if u want to work say after 1K every time you 1K someone step to your right or left until they start realizing it you know they are predicting your step and just throw out66A at a good time like when there backs to the edge trust me i have enraged some good players with this move because they dont how to use or have the idea its horrible and i must be getting lucky *Cough* caspian but yeah those are my thoughts and ypur should use this move just not to much. :)
That's because if you're on 1P side 22BB(88BB on 2P side) whiffs after hitting with SRSH B. You need to do 88BB. It's the opposite for SBH B. After hitting with SBH B you want to do 22BB but not 88BB.
This is true, but that also depends on the MU. Most of the time you have to use 22B, but against some character it does not work.
If you face a Pyrrah for instance, you have to follow Solo's recommendation. (but even this can sometimes whiffs).
Seems to me like 22/88BB is more likely to whiff if you're closer to the target (see also: most of Siegfried's other moves that whiff). Making sure your opponent is to Siegfried's right gives you a little more distance since the attack is coming from his left.
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Broad question. Depends on the matchup and on how your opponent is responding to a blocked 3B.

If they're respecting your attacks from SCH, they might throw out a sidestep TC (e.g. Pyrrha's 22B). Beat this with realign B (or if the move is hard to catch, go with SCH K for more consistency but less reward). In case you don't know, realign is achieved by holding either 6 or 4 to keep Sieg aligned with a stepping opponent, allowing you to interrupt their next attack. Realign K actually has tracking properties at close range, so yeah, have fun with that. Then if they start balls-out punishing your 3Bs (e.g. Pyrrha's 236B), you can interrupt them with SCH K.

Also, be on the lookout for anything that'd lose to SBH (e.g. Yoshi 214A or any step TCs that hit high). Though do keep in mind that some characters can completely shut down 3B (e.g. Natsu, Alpha, a handful of CEs).

For 3B blocked at mid or tip range, backstepping in SCH (i.e. holding 4) is a good option to evade punishment attempts (obviously MU dependent). And if they get too scared to punish a blocked 3B at range, just hold G and you're safely out of the stance.

In my experience, if the opponent understands how to punish 3B (which is surprisingly rare), it usually boils down to guessing whether they'll immediately punish you or just bait out something from SCH. This guessing game tends not to be in Sieg's favour. :( The important thing is to adapt to what your opponent is doing: if they spam the same response, counter it; if they don't understand the MU then roulette 5 times in their face, cancel into taunt, then grab.