Siegfried Punishment List

About agA : On my side it's more easy to perform an iagA than a regular i16 agA. It's even more the case when I have to buff it. iagA you just have to do it as fast as possible. i16 agA you have to be fast... but not too much !
I already talked about this with Keev (since nightmare agA can be faster than iagA too), and he is also not able to use this as punishment. That's why I asked, are some people able to do this here ?
I've only managed to do this in training mode when I was testing frame data, and I dont think there's anyway that I could ever learn to do that consistently even in training, let alone in real application. For i16 moves I think we're indeed better off with conventional punishers.
Solo also made a good point a little while ago about how the extra time it takes to enter the input for agA instead of iagA actually makes it slower (unless it's been buffered, I suppose).

Why can't Siegfried just slash a little lower and make 6A a mid? High is fine and all for a punishing move, but it'd also be great for infighting if some characters (Pyrrha and Patroklos are the first who come to mind) didn't tech crouch it pretty much every single time.