So let's talk Nightmare Wall Combos.

Discussion in 'Nightmare' started by TadeMasu, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. You could've been at some weird, awkward, inconceivable wall angle. I dunno, its yet to miss for me.
  2. FinalLifeG

    FinalLifeG [05] Battler

    All problems are solved. heres a Nightmare wall-combo video i made. i found a'lot of ways to end his combos now, mainly without meter usage, more stronger! i'll make another one soon with all the new finds i'v found cause i still have to re-record some stuff i missed and on the new finds.

  3. Mavericks42O

    Mavericks42O [07] Duelist

    I'm currently using 6k after 4kk in wall splats. 1a techs all directions and hit grounded after 6k. If they stay down it's about the same damage as other combo but if they tech at all u get 1a into GS k BE for another walls plat.
  4. ENDeverMORE

    ENDeverMORE [09] Warrior

    Theres a wall combo I use when I have 50% meter and when I have my back to the wall, though you could possibly change it or extend and maybe add a wake combo at the end of it.

    WC B+G W! [G to turn and crouch] WR (B) > NSS A+B > GS K [BE] W! > 4K [BE]
    some times it messes up and there is a wall hit after WR (B) and you cant add 4K [BE] after grim stride K
    some others might use this as well as i picked it up off a youtube video >_<'
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  5. KingAce


    lol I thought it would be awhile longer before anyone noticed FCB+G W WR(B) NSSA+B into GSKBE Which wallsplats randomly for some reason.
  6. ENDeverMORE

    ENDeverMORE [09] Warrior

    It's happened a few times to me on ranked T_T
    I just slap a 3(B) to NSS after then either B on there wake up or mixup to GS A or push myself into a crouch position
  7. KingAce


    I don't know what that means, your inputs aren't very clear. But I go FCB+G W WR(B)NSSA+B GSKBE W(maybe not but if so) 4KK W(Maybe not so 2A+B, but if so) Trademark 3A2A techtrap with 2(K) 2A+B.

    The reason I don't want to mention it, because it's straight up nerfable and bitch baity. Quite frankly it's absurd. A similar inconsistency happens with B+G W GSKBE on males usually it rewallsplats but sometimes it doesn't.
  8. Slade

    Slade [14] Master

    Lord Slade
    Three wallsplats?
  9. NSS A+B usually only leads to a resplat if they try to tech out of the GS KBE. Its like that in several other combos, so I assume its the same for this one.
  10. KingAce


    Actually you're right but wrong if they don't tech GSKBE still resplats but 4KK doesn't.

    Lots of interesting stuff there. Also different walls produce different stuff.
  11. That's because in that combo, you've only used up 1 wallsplat, so gs kBE still splats. If they tech, it resets, letting 4kk splat too.
  12. ENDeverMORE

    ENDeverMORE [09] Warrior

    after my said combo if they ukemi up from the 4KK/4K[BE] you could 3(B) to NSS then B:a into another wallsplat if their left side in against the wall, if not it hould space you from them
    I actually pulled of the 'trademark' techtrap twice in a row XD
  13. ENDeverMORE

    ENDeverMORE [09] Warrior

    oh and WC [while crouched]
    thats what I use anyway. what does the majourity of people use? Im' kind of new to this.... 'fighting game talk'
  14. KingAce


    WC is the equivalent of FC Fully crouched. WR is what we use for WRB, While Raising.

    Well even if they don't tech, FCB+G W WR(B)NSSA+B GSKBE 4KBE for more meter will produce similar results.
  15. Schneider-X

    Schneider-X [11] Champion

    Why not just do FC B+G W! 4KK W! WR (B), NSS A+B, then GS K BE if you think they teched. That way you use up all of the wallsplats before they tech and is alot more reliable.
  16. Has anyone else had problems with nss a+b not launching during a wall combo? It'll sometimes just not launch and instead hit them grounded.

    Happens pretty reliably on the forest stage, just set the position to reset forward at the wall and do something simple like aga 4kk wr b nss a+b.
  17. KingAce


    Well now you're thinking. Except I don't know why you say it's more reliable, 4KK has a knack of hitting off axis you can miss the wall altogether. And landing iWRB after 4KK is a lot more difficult than after FCB+G W. But we all approach the game differently, I make it a point to avoid doing iWRB after 4KK.

    Still you can get FCB+G W WR(B) NSSA+B GSKBE W 4KK 2A+B
  18. KingAce


    I have. And at times I get NSS A instead...ain't that a bitch?
  19. Yeah, I hate when that shit happens. Its the buffering system doing that, but its nothing horribly wrong. Just gotta adapt to the input.
  20. Schneider-X

    Schneider-X [11] Champion

    4KK without the wallsplat has some range issues for getting the AT, its not universal from what I've found. Landing iWR B is alot easier on a back turned opponent like after FC B+G or GS K BE, on front facing opponents I just use 3B 2A+B because I find it too difficult in a tournament situation to do for front turned opponents.

    I do admit it does have a tendency to make you miss the wall at times, and the 4K BE will randomly miss the opponent if you hit them off axis sometimes.

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