So let's talk Nightmare Wall Combos.

Discussion in 'Nightmare' started by TadeMasu, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. TadeMasu

    TadeMasu [08] Mercenary

    At first I though NM was nerfed big time when it came to wall combos. What with one of his staple wall continuers (to say the least) turned into a BE. So in that respect he has less potential with wall combos unless you build up a lot of meter before/during the combo.
    Now I have seen some pretty brutal wall combos by other characters (mainly Asta and Maxi) that just put NM's damage to shame. But nay I say! I trained and trained and trained until I found a combo I could be content with. One that done around 2/3s of the opponents life guaranteed.

    And I have found it:
    236B - iag:A - W! - 4KK - W! - WR(B) - NSS A+B - GS K BE - GS K BE

    Now this at first may seem like you won't get that much damage off of it, and you might think it's techable. WRONG! if the opponent doesn't tech in any direction, it will do 157 damage (162 if you 3B straight after, but that's techable). But here is the interesting thing, if they try to tech after the first GS K BE, it will wall splat. So theoretically if the opponent techs you can do this:

    236B - iag:A - W! - 4KK - W! - WR(B) - NSS A+B - GS K BE - W! - GS K BE - W! - 4KK - 3B
    That will do 203 damage, 3B is techable. Also if you're really sharp and can see the first GS K BE wall splat, you can reloop the string or do whatever one you want.

    Basically what I'm trying to say is: if you can do the 4KK - W! - WR(B) - NSS A+B string (which has strict timing), ABUSE ITTTT. Obviously it will do more damage if you break someones guard with 236B - GS B - GS K BE - W! etc. But I only used 236B - iag:A - W! as an example. And if the opponent is nearly dead, just do 2A+B after NSS A+B for the insane gauge boost.

    Yeah..... so let's hear your best wall combos!

    236B - GS B - GS K BE - W! - 4KK - WR(B) - NSS - GS K BE - GS K BE - 3B does 193 damage. 223 or so if they tech and you do: GS K BE - W! - GS K BE - W! - 4KK - 3B
  2. Schneider-X

    Schneider-X [11] Champion

    The thing about resetting the wallsplats using WR (B) NSS A+B is that because the game system counts a techtrap as part of the combo, you will only be able to do one WR (B). You could substitute it with 3(B) GS K BE though.

    Also in the first combo. Are you saying that the second GS K BE is guaranteed regardless if they tech in the corner? From my findings, I have always been able to tech out of a second GS K BE.
  3. MammothMan

    MammothMan WR B, NSS A+B, GS KK, W!, 4KK, 33B, GSB

    Yea, I'm pretty sure you can tech out of a second GS K BE no matter what.
  4. Drizzle

    Drizzle [09] Warrior

    Ending with 2A+B seems like a better idea 99.9% of the time. I'd imagine the two GS K BEs don't add much damage-wise.
  5. Requiem

    Requiem [08] Mercenary

    I can't get the timing down on 236B~agA. Might be because I just got onto agA (I had discarded it because I refused to switch from my aA+G tactic), but I get it ~80% of the time standalone. But I get it like 10% of the time on an airborne opponent launched by 236B. Help?
    I can get the WR [B ] during the combo most times though...

    Btw, these are my adapted wall combos:
    agA~W!~4KK~W!~WR [B ]~NSS A+B~2A+B - creates half a meter bar, uses none, 121 dmg
    236B6~GS B6~GS K BE~W!~4KK~WR [B ] ~NSS A+B~2A+B - 171 dmg, spends half a meter bar, fills it back a bit more. Must not be touching wall, more like 3 Nightmares away from it to be sure
  6. Mavericks42O

    Mavericks42O [07] Duelist

    After GS B you have to wait until the move recovers before input aga. Not long but a slight delay
  7. TadeMasu

    TadeMasu [08] Mercenary

    From my testings (Doing normal Ukemi, and all tech directions) it is impossible to escape the second GS K BE. Usually a GS K BE after another will be a normal combo unless teched, but it seems it turns into a tech trap near the wall. Obviously you guys are more than welcome enough to test. Infact I would like you guys to confirm this.

    And the reason why you can't do 2A+B after a GS K BE is because it pushes NM back too far to connect. Unless of course you meant after NSS A+B, which would do less damage but obviously give more meter. But this combo has more "swag" as they say.

    P.S. Yoda was too good for SCV, so they had no choice but to ditch the true main protagonist... and antagonist at the same time...
  8. Requiem

    Requiem [08] Mercenary

    Not meant to be rude, but that's kinda obvious. I don't know why I can't get the timing down lol
  9. hteng

    hteng [09] Warrior

    you can sorta buffer it, and it'll turn into JF aGA if you are lucky
  10. Schneider-X

    Schneider-X [11] Champion

    I find that for GS B, agA you have to wait longer than you'd think before your out of recovery. It was tripping me up at first. Most likely as you practice agA more you'll get more consistent with this combo.
  11. Mavericks42O

    Mavericks42O [07] Duelist

    No problem lol but there is a slight pause before the aga input.
  12. Requiem

    Requiem [08] Mercenary

    For some reason I came back to the aA+G method and this combo gets more consistent with it than with the agA method, even though agA is slightly more consistent outside of combos for me. Wth. Thanks dudes
  13. RockyX34

    RockyX34 [09] Warrior

    GS B > GS B > GS K(BE) > W! > 4KK > W! > 4K(BE) > GS K(BE) > 1A gets me 199 damage
  14. Drizzle

    Drizzle [09] Warrior

    That's kind of a waste unless you REALLY need to kill. I'm not at my console at the moment, but you should get similar damage off of:

    GS B, GS B, GS K BE W!, iWR (B), NSS A+B, 2A+B and also end up with good meter gain.

    In general I prefer to use iWRB in wall combos whenever possible because the meter gain is so good, and it still gives more damage than the generic GS K BE W!, 4KK, 3(B), NSS b:A. IMO, it's the go-to wall combo as long as the angle allows it.
  15. Requiem

    Requiem [08] Mercenary

    Double GS B starters don't work with GS K BE when too close to a wall though, you must keep a minimum distance.
  16. Mavericks42O

    Mavericks42O [07] Duelist

    This has caused me problems before. Is GS B iaga into whatever the best option when close to the wall?
  17. Requiem

    Requiem [08] Mercenary

    I think so, it at least seems to be the best one I've seen. Though it sometimes (at least for me) makes the opponent go a bit diagonal against the wall instead of straight into it, what makes the combo unable to wallsplat again (at least from 4KK).
  18. Just gonna quote myself for the sake of wall justice.

    Edit: According to shneider, this only applies to backturned opponents on the wall, or in other words, after GSKBE or aga or FCB+G.
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  19. Engared

    Engared [10] Knight

    Can we do more testing on this combo? Cause the CPU was able to escape from this tech-trap when i was playing earlier. Because this is arguably the best wall combo Nightmare has and is extremely rewarding if it works most of the time.
  20. Schneider-X

    Schneider-X [11] Champion

    On which character did it not work on? I tested it on NM, Viola and Pyrrha before and it seemed to catch all tech.

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