So why did you choose Nightmare as your MAIN?


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Cuzz when you look into his eyes you see the crying of an hundred kids wanting back their now souless parents, because when you hear his voice, you hear within it the pain of a thousand brave men who tried everything to stop, beceause he's wicked cool man! That's why!!!


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Because ever since I played Soulcalibur Two, Nightmare has been the most brutal, kick ass, and unique character in the game. I mean come one, he has a sword that has a freaking eye on it, a giant three finger fist of devastation, and he is evil incarnate. That said, when Soulcalibur Three came out, Siegfried (my second favorite character because of his move set and who he was) and Nightmare became two, Nightmare got this really awesome move set that brought out how I wanted him to play like. Therefore sealing my primary character as the Azure Knight forever. When Soulcalibur Four arrived I found that my favored Demonic Entity became even more awesome. Therefore I found it absolutely difficult to focus on my secondary, Siegfried! :sc4nm1:


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The first SC game i played was SC2 I didnt rlly like Nightmare there. My main was kilik (and 2nd yoshi)
But in SC3 i started to like nightmare because he pwns. o-o
I like how he swings his big evil sword with high speed. Hes so badass and i like to smash ppl in the walls with his fist. :D
Idk why i didnt like him in sc2 though.


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Why all you guys so serious.

I first started playing Tira in SC4, cuz I played her in 3. I played a lot with a guy called heavens_warrior (now heavenly-bahamut or something). We use to play almost every day at times, and he would pick NM, and I would pick Tira. He would spam 1A (It was literally unblockable since we played special) and he would always win a little bit more than me. >.> So then I copied his CAS, named it "Cheap" or something, and proceeded to do a lot better than I ever did with Tira. I copied his strats, discarded some, made some of my own. Somehow, me and HW stopped playing together... I think perhaps it was because or connection worsened, or more likely that we began to realize 3 is unplayable (I used to think it was acceptable). I stopped playing NM and focused on Tira, Ivy, Cervantes and the like. Fast forward half a year and I started to use NM again, just because. I fell in love with B+K evading, empty GS mixups, and wall combos.


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I dunno why I play him really. I think its because I like tech traps and his are so beastly. aga is the best thing to spam against poor players ever for me. Personally I like how he mixes raw blood lust and reckless abondon with skill and precision. Just he's a fun character to play really, no matter what you have to take a few risks so its exciting.


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Part of the appeal is how he has changed so much throughout the series.

In game play terms, he abandon the stationary stance dancing game from SC2 and became more of a mobile whiff punish character.

oh and don't forget that evil voice "WHAT"S WRONNGG?!"


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Played him in sc1, he was a tank, easy to beat the game with, ridiculously offensive.

If only Nightmare can shoot fireballs out of his palms or soul edge or something.. that would be a nice long range move like Algol's bubbles.
His sword... Covers half the screen. why even bother? Mid to far range, swing batter swing!