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It looks like Sophitia has some of Cassandra's moves like her 236K (that twirl kick) and 236B I think.

Back to the arcade discussion, I don't see the issue of having an arcade version after console release. I think it could be a win or nothing situation with not much detriment if it doesn't hit it off.


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Sophitia always could use that twirl kick, it comes from her TAS instead of AS tho. Also, it seems TAS is back, yay.

Ther 236Bh Cassandra had was a single hit that would stun the opponent, Sophitia's goes into a string that ends in 236 B, but good catch !


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I myself will be disappointed if Cassandra isn't in the game, as she is the only female SC character I like in general. And if Raph is back then I hope his fighting style will finally be good.
You have some pretty strict tastes if Cassie's the only SC girl you like. :P Also, I thought Raph's SCIV moveset was great?
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You were missed @Oh_my_foot

Also this video was posted on the discord and I'm gonna link it here in case anyone missed it.

I like how most of them are trying to learn the mechanics rather than just trying to win.


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Y'all know the Multi-Quote feature exists right?

Also I recall when V was released and a lot of people were talking about how it was "Going to be the last one" and all that junk. People gonna cry death every single time, don't worry about it. V's single-player content was lacking but the tournament scene kept going strong for a LONG time, and /that/ is predominantly what matters.

Sure a lot of people consider the Soul series "The one with the great story modes" (or at least, used to) but if the gameplay isn't right then none of that matters. In so far I'm excited, it looks crisp and engaging. Would love to talk to some people who've had their hands on it.
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