Soulcalibur Archive: SC3AE at SBO 2007 (Super Battle Opera)

What do you think of the tournament format?

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Recently, a recording of SBO 2007 was put on YouTube for everyone to see. For those of you unfamiliar with SBO, it is a tournament held in Japan on a huge stage that resembles a game show. However, the rules differ from traditional USA tournaments due to it being a FT1 (first to one win) single elimination format. This makes it more like a real life fight where you would only have one life. As a result, it also makes it harder for the players who can't adapt quickly to succeed. It essentially becomes reduced to solid players, janky strategies, and a shorter experience, which is mainly why it is unheard of in the USA. With that being said, SBO is a unique tournament since you can easily get your heart broken!

Keep in mind this is Soulcalibur 3 arcade edition, so the meta is way different from the console version since Arcade Edition removed glitches and rebalanced the characters. The full results are unknown to me, but according to a nifty wikipedia resource, the tournament winner was...
an Astaroth that goes by the handle "Sarusube."
If I was cool enough, I could translate the Japanese text in the video to get more names, but unfortunately I haven't invested the time yet to talk like an anime character.

Top 8 starts at 57:40 with freeplay or pools (not sure on which it is) before that time stamp.

What did you think of the tournament and SC3AE? Leave a comment below! Hope you guys enjoyed this archaic tournament footage.
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Are you sure? I recall when Linkrkc went to Japan and had a few weeks practice before that SBO tournament.
Maybe he didn't have much prac on the AE (Arcade Edition).
In any case 2 weeks prac isn't much compaired to playas that had been playing since day 1.

All (most) comps in Japan are single elimination so they/we are more used to that format here.
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Soul Calibur III Arcade Edition is still one of my favorite games in the series, too bad more people do not have the ability to play this excellent version. Night Terror boss fights in Standard mode are especially fun.
Try Night Terror on the hardest difficulty on the JP console version.

I love the IIIAE as well (although don't like how the used the blurry/soft camera).