Soulcalibur VI DLC Discussion Thread


Battle Android
i liked the fact she was dual weilder but she didn’t need to rely on the cerventes moveset abeit a worser version. I agree her design could have been better aswell.


[14] Master
Just remove the gun and flying crap. Maybe trade some power for speed? I guess ultimately she’d be a Cervantes/Taki hybrid without the range.


[13] Hero
I didn't mind Scheherazade's design too much, I just hated her voice.
I've always kinda been confused by her name too. There's not really anything distinctly Middle Eastern about her so it seems an odd choice to me. Eh.

I'd be down for Shura mostly for moveset possibilities alone. Her design is 🤢. She's just barely above Miss Lethalnips Cameltoe.


[14] Master
That would have been a good SCV design. My guess after 8 years is that maybe she didn't make it because they were afraid to take away part of her appeal to certain people. I mean it's become even more obvious Amy went albino and gypsy-chic...